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Communication is a learnable art!

Communication is a very powerful tool when you are a social being. The way you express your thoughts, the way you express your feelings, the way you give the message to the person sitting in front of you is very important.

Now, someone might think ‘how hard is it to communicate, after all you just have to go and talk ‘ No! wait, you don’t just have to go and talk. There is much more to communicating than just “talking”. Well, as a beginner who is in love with psychology I read an article recently which said that the little things you do, even the way your body is framed effects the conversation. It doesn’t mean you have to be conscious all the time while talking to someone but if you want someone to like you, or you are trying hard to get your message across the table then you can always use some tactics that can catalyze your process.

Here are a few things that can help you with that.

Your words

This is from my personal experience. I have always seen that the way people use their words sends in the message pretty strongly.
For example: ” I cannot meet you” or “I cannot meet you today but I will try for the next weekend” both of the sentences have the same intention but are received differently. One is negative and one is positive. The point being, that the way you use your words does make a lot of difference.

Your eyes

Ahh them eyes. Now, I am sure you must know this that eyes do most of the talking. If you are talking to someone about something very important or very personal I am sure you wouldn’t like their eyes wandering off every now and then. Wandering eyes whilst a conversation is a sign of boredom or uninterested mind. As a humble gesture, whenever someone speaks to you no matter how unimportant the topic might be to you, it’s always always polite to maintain a steady eye-contact, you never know how important the topic of discussion might be to the other person.

Your hands

Closed hands, or stiff hands, shows lack of confidence. I am a person who is very conscious while speaking in public or even in a discussion with my friends that’s why I move my hands a lot. A lot lot! That gives me a confidence and people take my point more seriously. Against that if you have closed or folded hands while you are talking to someone, can send in a message that you are not into the conversation.

Your body posture

If you are giving a speech or talking in general, a relaxed body sends in a sign that you know what you are talking about and you are confident enough. A stiff body shows lack of confidence.

Try talking than texting

Communication is not just verbal it can be textual also. In this modern world where everyone is just a text away, let me tell you that texts are very misinterpreted that’s why its always better to speak it out.

Approach people with a smile

I was talking to someone while writing this article and he told me that he always approaches people with a smile. There is a funny thing about a smile, it melts the heart. Not the creepy smile, but the ‘you are having a good day’ smile.

Again, what I have seen in my short lived life is when someone approaches me with a smile, I automatically turn soft towards them. So maybe, smiling does have a psychological effect on our brains and hearts too.

These are obviously the very basic but will sure make your conversational skills better. 🙂

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