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Complications Even the Happiest Couples Deal With…

At times after having a big fight or an argument with your partner you get that feeling, things aren’t working out, because happy couples don’t fight. If you have felt so, then you will be surprised to know there is nothing called as ‘perfect couple’ exists and if a couple claims themselves to be, then either they don’t want to accept it or they haven’t discovered it yet. No relationship is without complications the only difference with happy couples is they know how to deal with it. Before you blame yourself to be unperfect, allow me to wash off your myth coz you…..

1. You’re Two Different Personalities

This is such a simple observation, no matter how many things you both have in common, but you should accept that you are two different people and will have clashes on few things. Accepting this fact can minimize the unnecessary conflicts which take place when you force your partner to do or see things the way you do.

2. Not Thinking Before Speaking

When we are angry, this is something we all do, at times a person who doesn’t lose his calm easily blurts out hurtful statements which he didn’t mean and regrets after saying. In this situation, you must learn to let go, this will help in reducing arguments and resentment.

3. Not Liking or Being Liked by Your Partner’s Family

It’s completely normal to be not liked by one of your partner’s family member, but that doesn’t mean you should stop him from hanging out with them or he should force you to start liking them. The same applies to the situation if one of his friend or family member doesn’t like you. The key is, agree to disagree.

4. Feeling Like Your Relationship Has Lost the Spark

After a couple of years, every happy couple feels this, that their relationship is losing its’s spark. He may not get excited about the ‘monthly anniversary’ like before or vice versa. You might feel like there is no excitement left and he isn’t attracted to anymore. Here you must understand that as time passes priorities and responsibilities change thus, both of you should work together to rekindle that spark. Vacations are always the best idea…;)

5. Dealing with Mood Swings

We all get stressed out at work and rarely get a chance to vent it out the very moment. There is a possibility your partner is having those rough days at the office and you find him complaining and cribbing about every small thing. This might irritate you, but you must remain calm and understand that now he needs your love and care more than ever. Happy couples show that they’re there for each other. Don’t they?

6. Handling Conflict

As I mentioned, two people have different personalities, so its’s obvious they will deal with conflict differently. One partner may prefer staying alone with his/her thoughts, while the other may prefer to talk about it immediately. As a couple, both of you must understand this and find a way that is agreeable by both to solve the conflict.

I hope I did my part in making you understand the ‘happy couple’ theory. Now, it’s your call, whether to keep playing a blame game or to handle your relationship as a smart adult.

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