Consequences of Parental Academic Pressure on Children 127

All parents find pride in the academic success of their children, getting higher grades and staying ahead of everyone in class are a few expectations many parents have from their kids, many children achieve success in their career with this push. However, there are many who can’t take this pressure and go through the incredible amount of physical and emotional stress. Please take a note of these signs before it’s too late for your child.

  1. Bouts of Sickness

Children don’t know what stress is so they start complaining about a frequent headache or stomachache, especially when it’s time for results or in extreme cases every morning before going to school, this is a common sign in younger children.

  1. Sleep Deprivation

When parents pressurize their kids to achieve higher grades, they are directly giving them stress, which makes them restless and hampers their sleeping pattern.

  1. Eating Disorder

Being adults we very well know stress directly affects eating habits, it has the same effect on children too, some kids will lose appetite, while some start over eating.

  1. Burnout

Physical disorders mentioned above like disturbed sleeping and eating habits, directly makes the child feel exhausted and fatigued all day long, which causes less ability to concentrate in class.

  1. Loss of interest in Hobbies

It’s been observed that children who are pressurized by parents to get higher grades give up their hobbies, for that matter any kind of creative activity. Thinking that a child who studies all the time is the best one. They may think prioritizing studies over extracurricular activities is good, but in long run they become depressed.

  1. Social Isolation

One of the major consequences of academic pressure is withdrawal from family and friends, children start fearing to come in front of relatives, as they think they will be compared with their cousins. Same happens with friends due to less confidence such kids are not able to make friends and turn out to be an introvert.

  1. Low Self- Worth

Children who are pressurized, constantly seek approval from parents for everything they do, the child starts thinking that being ‘good’ means following the instructions given by his parents. Thus, this process of seeking reassurance undermines child’s confidence and sense of making decisions.

  1. Negative Attitude

With time as the child grows, he starts developing negative personality traits, like frequent mood swings, aggression towards parents and as stated above denial to interact with peers. It’s often seen parental pressure turns teenagers rebellious.

  1. Suicidal thoughts

Irrespective of the child’s skills and interest, parental pressure, and higher expectations to excel in the field of their choice makes the child creates undue stress and anxiety leading to psychological issues. Thus, forcing the child to end his life.

  1. Addiction

The inability to deal with parental pressure results in undesirable activities like premature drinking, illicit drug, and tobacco use. Thus, causing more stress and anxiety. This even makes the child lose interest in activities he liked participating in, resulting in overall personality.


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This little girl is afraid of lights…. WHY?? Watch the video! 232

A couple of days back I and my daughter witnessed an accident of a man with his child driving on a bike. Lot many people gathered at the spot and some helped the victims. I and my daughter stopped and helped the child who did not have any major wounds but was scarred here and there and was bleeding a little. The man too, but his back was hit badly to the road divider. Probably, I am afraid the inside damage may take some time to be revealed, though I hope he will be healed fully. The public started judging that the father must have lost control. Either he was driving with high speed or was on the phone while driving.

The truth was none of these reasons and the father had no mistake. The mistake was the car that sped away which drove in front of him while they were on the road in opposite direction. The father was at normal speed but when the car took a left turn and the high beam light blinded the father and he could not open his eyes. This made him lose control as he was caught suddenly. The car driver did not realize what he did or how he became a reason for someone to fall and so he just drove away. Luckily the father and daughter did not have any much damage, but what if something serious happened? Who is responsible for it?

Dear people, most vehicles have an option to dimmer your headlights. While driving in city limits keep your headlights dim and when in a darker and outskirts place you can make it higher. Many do not realize this and drive without even bothering about it. Please, do not be a reason of someone’s death knowingly or unknowingly. Do not take away a child’s father or mother just because you were too ignorant to check your headlights while driving. Here is a beautiful video that explains what I am talking. Share with your family and friends and spread the awareness. Because like you many just do not realize and once they know, I am sure people will be careful.

“I Fear a Relapse”, Says Deepika Padukone. 1379

The trailer of the most awaited Padmavati movie was released making us wait on a tiptoe for the movie to be released soon which is actually on December 1st, 2017 (See the trailer here). While on-screen Rani Padmini fights for her honor, the actress who plays the role, Deepika Padukone is fighting altogether a different battle in her real life.

While shooting for the Happy New Year movie, Deepika was fighting her inner battle of depression. Although she did not realize it then. Her mother who came to visit felt there was something wrong and requested Anna Chandy, a psychiatrist from Bengaluru to talk to her daughter. Though Deepika ignored it for a period of time, she finally recognized her problem and took steps to cure it. However, in a recent event, while talking about the Jauhar scene of Rani Padmini in the movie Padmavati, she revealed that she lives in a constant fear of a relapse of depression. She said “ I don’t think, I am completely over it. There is always a fear of relapse as that phase when it happened is the worst experience in my life”.

Since her opening up about her condition in public, there are numerous articles written about depression and there are plenty of suggestion available for someone who is looking for help. But, the truth is a lot many of the population who are suffering from depression do not know that they have it and they need help. Most of them try to think it is nothing but stress, fatigue and they are over-worked.

Like Deepika said in one of her interviews earlier while talking about her feelings during the time, being sad and being depressed are two different things. When someone is sad, they look sad, but when someone is depressed, most of the times they hide it. They try to behave normally while the feeling of emptiness keeps nagging at them. You do not have to be poor or have to lose something in life to be depressed. Sometimes the feeling of depression has no reason.

How to recognize the signs?

When someone is depressed, you may notice certain changes in them. Such as,

  • Less interested in daily activities
  • Loss of appetite and weight changes (can lose or gain)
  • being angry and irritable most of the times
  • less energised
  • self-loathing
  • reckless behaviors
  • Change in sleeping patterns

These are some of the changes we notice in a depressed person, not for few days but on a regular basis. If you spot these in someone or if you are facing it yourself, get help. There is no age or gender who are affected by depression.

Recognizing and understanding the symptoms of depression is the first step to finding a solution. Once you know, meet a good psychiatrist and get help. There is no shame in finding help to cure a mental illness. We meet our doctors for physical illness. In the same way, sometimes our mind also need that extra help too.

Do not, I repeat do not ever be afraid to ask for help!!! Because you might be surprised that there are so many good people around you who really care and want to help you.