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Daryaganj Book Market

Book lovers this, book lovers that…it’s all about finding good books.

I have been living in Delhi for nine years now and I still haven’t explored the city. Why, you ask. Here is why, I shifted from my hometown which was a relatively smaller town compared to Delhi and everyone knew everyone (back in those days) so roaming around as a kid was not a big deal but when I came to Delhi (still in school) my dad freaked out, look at the size of the city, look at the news on the newspaper, yada yada yada. Then engineering happened.

Being a book lover myself, I always always wanted to see whats all the excitement about Sunday waali Daryaganj book market. Ek toh it was a day-specific thing so I kinda got more excited and finally, after nine whole years I got the chance to visit sunday waali daryaganj book market last Sunday. My eyes popped out, literally popped out. So effin cheap. gosh! College student money crunch, when it took the backseat my heart just elevated. **background music: yeeeeeh kya hua…kaise hua…kab hua…kyun hua**

If you are a book lover and you end up spending more than you should on books, especially if you are a college/school student do pay a visit. There is almost nothing you cannot find there. bass duwaon mein yaad rakhna 😛

Where: Daryaganj, New Delhi 
When: all Sundays 
Nearest metro station: chandani chowk (rajiv chowk is also close)
Skills required: astounding bargaining techniques


PS: you will mostly find second hand copies of your favorite novels but then you can’t have it all, right?!

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