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Hands up if you absolutely adore puppies. I am sitting here in-front of my stupid screen but I can see many hands up and mine is up tooooooo!!

As a kid I always wanted a pup for myself, they radiate energy like no one else and they love you like you are the world to them. I never got one, because my mom is scared of dogs and both of my parents are working so my wish…well…it is still a wish. But guess what…a Gurgaon based start-up has come up with an amazing amazing idea that can make my wish come true (sort of) and make millions of the worked out souls happy and de-stressed.

FUR BALL STORY. Established in December by the Shrishti Sharma, who was a law student and shared her idea with two of her friends, Arushi Dixit, who is a designer, and Kunal Daral, who is an IT professional. Upon further research, they realised that the “pet therapy” concept was already widely popular in the West. With an idea that is relatively new to our country, the startup came into being in December last year and is now bringing smiles all over Gurgaon.

Currently, they have adopted three doggies namely, Muffin (a labrador), Cocoa (a shih tzu) and Angel (a golden retriever) — who are trained as therapy dogs and can meet over 40-50 people in a day without barking or snapping at them — and have been holding pet therapy sessions in various universities, corporate offices, hospitals and even private residences.

**wondering why I don’t get such amazing ideas**

The adorable canines are presently undergoing an internationally certified training. Several sessions have already been conducted in companies like Nagarro and MakeMyTrip, a few educational institutes, and also at several homes. they are planning to start a bigger centre in Gurugram, where people can just come and unwind in the company of lots of dogs. We will also be getting a psychologist to be a part of this centre so that people can evaluate their progress.

If you are working somewhere, or studying, or just at home…who am I kidding…dear readers, I am sure you won’t mind such an adddddoooooorrrraable company. What are you waiting for, contact them now on their Facebook page and schedule an appointment.

You can always thank me in the comment box below and share you doggie story. You can also drop us a message on our Facebook page and we sure will share your story with the world.

Cheers 🙂


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I blamed everyone, and everything, but I can’t bring back my child. 6559

It was Saturday morning and I was awakened by his hugs and kisses. As always, I woke up late, as it was 9 o’clock in the morning already. He was up early, did his morning routine and went back to bed just so when I wake up he is next to me. I’ve spent more time in bed with him, morning kiss, big hugs and I finally got up and made him breakfast.

After we ate, we got out of the house to feed our dogs and play with them. That’s when I noticed that I really have to clean our backyard. I’ve been so lazy that I was always telling myself “later” and a week later I still didn’t do it.
While he was playing with our three dogs, one grumpy German Shepherd and two naughty Belgian Shepherd, I started picking up the clutter that they made, swept the dried leaves and that’s when I noticed that the weed overtook our garden.

I remember clearly as it was just yesterday, how beautiful our garden was, full of different kinds of blooming orchids, different colors of roses, and many more lively and beautiful flowers and plants. Just perfectly beautiful and alive. So far from what I am seeing now. Dead plants and green tall weeds, instead of green plants and colorful flowers.

I stopped caring for our garden because our 3 dogs used to jump over the garden fence and eat the flowers, or dig the plants out and kill it. At first, I would always plant them back and try to save them, but it was like every time I do it, dogs will dig it back out again, (grrrr, so wicked)! It made me angry and I just let them dig more and never laid my eyes on our garden again.

Now as I am looking at it and thinking, my garden is like my life, once it was so beautiful, full of happiness, full of life. Relationship with my man wasn’t perfect but we worked on it until we made it perfect for us. Yes, we had our flaws, but we accepted it and learn how to correct them.

When I got pregnant, it made our relationship stronger. It was so beautiful that I couldn’t ask for more. We were perfectly happy. You know when you feel like every day of your life was full of excitement and dreams, talking about the future with your baby? There are days that other people will give you headaches because of their stupidity, but at the end of the day, you both just laugh it off because there’s more to life than that ignorance. It feels like your baby is the cure for all unpleasant things that are trying to break you and ruin your daily life.

Then she was taken from you, and all you can see is failures, stupid things, mistakes. All you feel is pain, grief, and hatred. How can you live after your life was taken from you? How can you see a beautiful future if that future became your ugly past? How can you find meaning in your life again? Would you want to continue living?

6 months ago, my life has ended when our daughter was taken from us without any signs. Can anyone or anything make you prepare for that kind of pain? Every day, I wished I could do something to bring her back. Every night I wished I will never wake up. There is not a day that I wish that it should just be me, and not her. Not a day that I did not blame myself, maybe there is something I could do, or maybe there’s something I didn’t do. I blamed the doctors for not saving her, heck! they did not even have an explanation why it happened to her, they can’t tell me the reason! She was healthy from day one, all her tests and my tests were great. I blamed my OB for not taking her time to check me, that she was always in a hurry when I visited her.

I blamed everyone and everything, but I can’t bring back my child. I can’t bring back the happiness I had. Just like my garden, I blamed our dogs but it won’t bring back my beautiful garden, it won’t bring back the flowers to bloom, it won’t bring the withered plants back to life.

What we need are courage and perseverance. Yes, we can blame everyone but it won’t bring back our lost child to us, instead, we can take small steps to bring back our life. Yes, it won’t be as beautiful as it was in the past but if we just take those steps every day, I know we can make our lives beautiful again. Just like my garden, I won’t be able to bring back how it looked like before, but pulling out the weeds, cleaning and watering it every day, planting new plants and flowers, and make the fence stronger, in no time I can make my garden beautiful again.
This is my message to you. Stop blaming yourself, stop blaming everybody. Make those steps forward, I am not saying it is easy, because it is not, its damn difficult! However, you have to do it. There is no life without difficulty, and there is no garden without weeds. Slowly take off all the heavy baggage in your life, start living again, pull out the ugly weeds, replace the withered plants with new ones. Before you know it, you’re slowly healing. Start fresh, and live your life again.

This is my message to you. Stop blaming yourself, stop blaming everybody. Make those steps forward, I am not saying it is easy, because it is not, its damn difficult! However, you have to do it. There is no life without difficulty, and there is no garden without weeds. Slowly take off all the heavy baggage in your life, start living again, pull out the ugly weeds, replace the withered plants with new ones. Before you know it, you’re slowly healing. Start fresh, and live your life again.

I’m still in the process of healing, but with the help of my unmarried husband, I’m taking one little step every day toward making our life beautiful again. How about you?


I know my husband is cheating on me. 2080

We got married 2 years back. My parents chose my husband for me and I’ve no regrets. We were staying in Pune away from our families. Everything was going smooth and we were a happy couple.

One day, my husband unfolds that he got a job offer in Mumbai and he is very excited about the same. The company is paying him well along with the accommodation.

He left the decision to me whether I want to stay back, work in Pune till I find a new job in Mumbai and meet him on weekends only or I want to quit the present job and be with him in Mumbai and then search for a better option. I plump for the 1st option.

Though it was strenuous, I was dealing with it well. I used to eagerly wait for weekends. Days passed, weeks passed, 2 months passed.

One Friday, as usual, I called up my husband, but he didn’t answer my call. I tried calling him many times in 2 hours, but there was no response. I distraught and had no clue what to do. I awaited his call, but he didn’t call me back.

After 3 hours he dropped me a message “Hi, I am busy and won’t be able to make it this weekend”. This sudden change in behaviour I could not swallow.

He was never like that. He always would call me, keep me updated and would never skip a single weekend.

It was around 8 at night. I was kind of apprehensive. I called up one of his close friends.

“Hi Sushant, This is Avni this side”. I pretended to be normal, but I couldn’t.

“Yes Avni, how are you doing?” his tone was a little unsteady.

“Where is Raghav?” I asked him straight. “He is in a meeting.” He responded quickly.

“Are you sure, Shushant?” I asked in an unbending tone.

“Sorry Avni, I lied. I was about to call you. I want you to come over to Mumbai now. It’s a 3 hours drive and my wife Shalini is in Pune right now. You can come along with her”. He replied after a pause.

I was perturbed. “What happened? Is Raghav alright?” I questioned.

“Raghav is cheating upon you. He is in his flat. I want you to confront him. She stays with him. I am sorry Avni. I should have told you long back but I couldn’t gather that courage. Please come”.

I couldn’t say a word and disconnected the call.

“Raghav is cheating upon me” I kept repeating those words. I couldn’t believe my ears. Before I could act or react the doorbell rang. I rushed towards the door, hoping it to be a prank.

I opened the door and Shalini was there.

“Let’s go now.” she said.

I was numb. She helped me locked the door. “Shalini, Raghav cannot do this. I can’t doubt him. I am not going anywhere”. I said with tearful eyes.

“Sit in the car and let’s check by ourselves. “ She ordered.

For the next 3 hours, she drove continuously. There was silence yet I could hear something. That something was “echo of the past”.

All the memories flashed at once. 2 years, no, 2 beautiful years, couldn’t banish from my head.

Ours was an arranged marriage yet he loved me so much. He pampered me, cared for me, fought with me and then loved me even more and vice versa. Ours was a happy family. We were content and very much in love but then what made him leave me and be disloyal. I felt wrenched and his thoughts inflamed my feelings.  I wasn’t sure of my reaction after seeing them together. I wept continuously. Shalini didn’t say a word. She drove quietly, not disturbing my thoughts.

Finally, we reached his house. I had the duplicate keys of his flat. I never came to see his flat before and never thought would come this way. I was hesitant in entering his flat. It was 11.50 at night.

Shalini said,” Unlock the door”.

I unlatched the door and we both stepped inside. Shalini closed the door. It was dark. Not a single light was on.  I walked a few steps when I tripped and fell upon someone. I screamed.

Lights on and all I could hear was “ Suprizeeeee”.

I fell on Raghav.

“Happy Birthday Sweetheart. I love you” and he kissed my forehead.  It took fractions of seconds for me to come back to my senses.

I turned my head and saw our parents were standing with a big smile on their faces and next to them were our friends.

I hugged him tightly. I didn’t know how to react.I wanted to kiss him for such a lovely surprise and at the same time, I wanted to fight with him for making me cry so much. Happy tears covered my face.

Shalini and Sushant smiled and said Sorry.

“Sorry Avni, Your husband is a big prankster, but he wanted to make it memorable. He loves you a lot”, Shalini smiled.

That evening I was so disturbed that I forgot my birthday.

Nonetheless, it was my best birthday ever. That night didn’t just leave few memories, but it changed my life completely. I love my husband even more now. My parents made the right choice. I feel truly blessed.

I have grown up reading fairy tales, but I am lucky to live one.