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Deadlines- The one and only source of all my inspirations!

For all the artists out there, writers, photographers, videographers, cinematographers , painters, sculptors etc etc…comment below if you found the title of the article 100% relatable.

DEADLINES…gosh this word has horror associated with it.

I don’t know how it happens but whenever someone places a deadline on my head inspiration just comes to me like the drooling thing from my nose in winters, naturally. Last summers, I spent three months trying to find inspiration in Jaipur but all I found was the drops of my sweats after roaming around in the streets in search, needless to say, I got none.  The point is, you can never find what you are looking for and especially when it’s about the ideas for your new project.

Last weekend my boss texted me saying that I am writing less and that one message hit me like a truck, now you see…disappointing someone who is adorably sweet and is paying you, it’s not very advisable to mess with the calm…and I started by writing three-four articles per week…actually I think I did manage to pull out three articles withing the next two days.  Not a very deadline situation but the pressure was the same…for all I know the next message would have been, thanks for your services 😛

I can’t help but think that deadlines have a very psychological effect on our mind, the fact that we might be punished in some way gets us to work better when our mind senses the deadline approaching like a death truck. But, at every point in a person’s life there comes a point when deadlines don’t affect him/her at all, they live their life with their rules and that’s when I close my eyes and say “mein sarkari daftar ki stage mein pahunch chuki hain, moh maya se pare”. 😉

What do you think about this? Share your experience with deadlines too or any tips for me may be.

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