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Dear all, Live Your Own Lives Please.

Early morning cup of tea was accompanied by the usual net surfing. Mira Kapur had brought a storm in a cup by saying her daughter is not puppy as if…! Anyways another celebrity statement had blown out of proportion and given much more importance than she deserved. If being someone’s wife and mother and stay at home mom comes under achievements we have crores of achievers with varied background, education level, social status as well as intellectual status too and we can demand a separate ministry to identify them and say “thank you” to all those who raise children in country and not puppies.

I am glad I was not a puppy for my mother but my boys?? Oh my God….Sorry boys!! I love you a lot but I love my job, my independence, and your dad too!!

The whole point here is not the question of stay at home woman, may be a mom or not, OR working woman! It’s a matter of choice!

Why can’t woman stop gushing about their choices! I think ‘I am the BEST’ syndrome is draining us out of our 100% capability. We are not able to tap our strength fully as we are busy in proving whatever we achieved is better than the other.

I am more pretty.(starts very young)

I am more healthy.(Read slim and hot please)

I am more satisfied…..Ahem!!

My dad, brother, boyfriend or husband is better than yours!(ufff…!!!)

My job …more stressful than yours hence more successful too….hmmm!!

My household work doesn’t give me time! (I am a better mom, wife and I cook better too!)

Phew, and…. many more!!!

Does it make a difference to your life that today I just made fruits salad n maggi(yes junk) for breakfast! And I am in no mood of cooking right now for lunch too!!

Mrs X, Mrs Y Ms Z, we are NOT interested in what you think before taking a decision in your life and neither should you be for mine !!

Thumb rule is….

My Life My choice.

Your Life Your Choice.

Respect choices and learn to be interested in your own lives, before giving any irrational comment to a magazine just because you got money bag husband who will few years down the line help you set up a boutique, home décor store, or will announce you as a writer or poet or painter!!

So, Stop gushing of choice which you made and let’s live our own lives!!

PS- I really hope Kareena Kapoor is not going to start working soon and this comment was ….Oh no . Not again. After all, it’s their life 😉

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