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Dear Bollywood, Please Stop Stereotyping!

Firstly, this isn’t a movie review but an honest account about the wrongs in Bollywood and the rights in regional cinema. So, I recently saw this film called OK Jaanu and now I have some serious problems with the way the industry is stereotyping, rather bastardizing live-in relationships. In case, you don’t know much about the plot, Adi and Tara decide to stay together ‘coz commitment isn’t their cup of tea. Simple?

Now for starters, why is the girl in such a relationship a size-zero seductress, replete with a navel piercing and red hair? Besides, the man always has to be a flamboyant, gym-bod guy who can only think about getting into a woman’s pants! Hello, Befikre?

My dislike for the Hindi version made me watch the original Tamil film, OK Kanmani, for detoxifying reasons, obviously. Here we see two relatable, everyday kinda people, in a live-in relationship that’s both heart-warming and fun-to-watch! While OK Kanmani shows you that two people can be very fond of each other even sans the shaadi scenario, OK Jaanu, which is an otherwise frame-to-frame copy, decides to go generous with the physical PDA. Why, you ask? Entertainment value, baba!

OK Jaanu is probably my cue to change my loyalties in favour of regional cinema ‘coz for one, they’re not blinded by big banners, age-old labels, and the need for skin show. For cinema that you can resonate with, move over to regional flicks, my friend (with subtitles of course).

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