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Dear Jindagi….You’re too short to be wasted!

“You Live Only Once,” I think many of us have heard this line but…Are we living by these words?

Often in our busy schedule, we become too busy to earn living and forget to make a life for ourselves. With so many gadgets and gizmos that make our life easy, my question is, has it really simplified our lives? Well, as far as I am concerned, my answer is NO.

I won’t quote anyone here but take my own example; my day starts with checking my Facebook updates, how many of you do the same? Well, I have prepared 5 questions that I will be enlisting here, I would like you all to answer it, not to me but to yourself. Please be honest while doing this.

Let’s get started-

Do you check your Facebook, Twitter and other social media updates after every hour?

When you are alone do you do to cut the boredom by -checking Facebook, surfing through Netflix and Youtube, chat on WhatsApp?

When you visit a new place, are you bothered about your selfies and updates on social media?

When you update a new post or pic, do you bother about the number of likes and comments?

Are you really bored of sitting alone and enjoying the environment around you?

I am sure that many people would answer these as ‘Yes’.

The reason for this is that we have stopped living our lives and trying to find peace and happiness in the virtual world which doesn’t even exist.

Technological innovations should help us simplify our life and should not be our life. I have personally experienced that we become more irritable and worrisome when we observe the lack of interest from the outer world. We post a lot about world peace and violence outside but what about our inner self which is so much disturbed. We are so much concerned about physical fitness but what about the health of our soul?

Give yourself the much-needed break, speak to yourself, meditate, observe the beauty around you, love nature, go for a walk, dine with your friends and family not to update it on social media but to update your life with new things about your loved ones, talk to each other.

Life is too short to be spent on updating posts on social media and Instagram, life is about capturing every moment which will become a memory of the lifetime.

Happy Living !!!

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