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Dear Society, please leave me alone!

Since childhood, I’d been crazy about my birthday. It had always been like an occasion to me but now I get panic attacks when my birthday is near. More than wishes, I and my parents get lectures and taunts. I hear everything on my birthday apart from genuine wish. People bless me with the statements like, Get married soon…have kids….get settled soon! And bombards my parents with questions like when is she getting married? Why is she not getting married? Is your daughter dating anyone? Look at her age, why don’t you get her married? And the list goes on……..

Now my question here is to all of you that only getting married,  having kids signifies that I am ‘settled’? My education, my successful career, my happiness together don’t give me that tag of being ‘settled’!

Why is it worrisome for society if a girl is 30, independent and single? Why?

People leave no chance of match making not because they are genuinely concerned but because they have nothing else to do, I guess. They can start with their matchmaking business anywhere be it on any celebration or mourn.

If I’ll come late any night, my neighbour, my unofficial guard, will give an apprehensive look as if am a terrorist.

And by any chance, if am seen with a guy, the news of my character spreads in the jungle like a fire.

Suddenly, all my married friends will start behaving like emblematic aunties of the neighbourhood. They will lecture me not only on marriage but they will even make believe that I’ve passed the age of having kids.

God forbid, if my cousins who are younger to me will get married first “I am sure, I’ll be dead”

If my parents are unperturbed about my marriage even for a day then relatives, neighbours, even maids make sure they are guilty of their gaffe.

Why can’t it be a girl’s choice when to marry, whom to marry? Why?

I want to make an effort to tell people around me, “My near and dear ones, I’m single, independent, working and content. When I say I am single, I clearly mean single “neither dating nor committed”. I remember my age so please stop reminding me and my parents how old I am. I love my job and I and am not going to quit the same for anyone. I am stable and waiting for the right man in my life. I love kids but that really doesn’t mean that am ready for that responsibility. I will not get married because am getting old rather I will get married the day am mentally prepared. I love to see the smile on my parents face when I do well at my job. Please do not snatch that smile away. Do not brainwash them.

Stop judging me for who I am because I really the love the way I am.

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