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Dear stress, let’s break up!

Every new year without fail…let me correct that, every Sunday, without fail I tell myself that miss, the only problem in your life is that you overthink a lot. Stop overthinking…life is not all that difficult as you make it.  And after two days, without fail, I am back, back to square-one.

**hands up if you do the same**
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Jokes apart, overthinking is a vicious vicious thing, it ruins your life before you realize it. It will creep in at the night when you stalk your ex and will stay there…FOREVER.

Here is a small poem I wrote on one of those Sundays.

It is a confusion
Maybe it has a simple solution, a simple answer
Maybe I am just too occupied
Occupied thinking about the problem
When I should be looking for
I make it sound like a math problem
It is just life-decision awaits.
Confusion is a state of mind, no?
How difficult it is to have no expectations and not to overthink
To dance and kiss all your problems
Away and out of your lives.

Well it is easy to say that life would be stress-free if we think less, worry less, and just live but can we stop worrying less, thinking less? No, we cannot coz that is what makes us human. The important thing however is to apply your mind where it deserves to be put in, not on useless things like how good XYZ chick was looking today while you were walking in your PJs…how well Guptaji’s son performed and yours was a…!

Life is much more than that. Just get your priorities straight people coz you have as many hours in a day as Beyonce. 😉

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