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    Delhi Metro- har type ka koi na koi mil hi jaata hai. Right?

    We have all been there, haven't we...metro and the crowd. Rajiv Chowk, those office hours and the crowd. But there is something about the Delhi metro,  it's like a good time pass...har type ka koi na koi mil hi jaata hai. Right?

    Here are a few of them...of course, all from my personal experience.

    1) The luggage carrier

    They are the people who won't just have one backpack on them. This kind does not understand the concept of travelling light. Bleh. No. They like carrying one backpack, one wallet (which they won't keep in the backpack), two shopping bags and luggage bag etc etc. I wonder how do they cross over choked Rajiv Chowk metro station.
    God bless these people!!

    2) The baby-family

    So, every time I travel in a metro there is at least one family with two or even three teeny weeny kids. No please pay attention, they aren't the kind who will mind their business, sit with the family, listen to the adults. Not at all. They are the kind who will let everyone know about their presence in the metro. Looking at their cute sweet faces, your heart melts but very soon they get on your nerves - screaming, crawling on the floor, hanging, whining, shouting. And that's scary for all single cool dudes and unmarried patakas in the metro! and me too! ;)

    3) Chatter-batter

    They are those chatter boxes usually, happens to be the girls who really don't care where they are, who is listening, they just have to talk about the guy who was watching that girl in the cafe they are coming from, which was suggested by some Rahul or Raj Or how some B**ch who took away her boyfriend from her. They don't mind letting the world know about it. Super cool!!

    4) The couple

    Now in every coach, there is always a sweetu shonu couple. You know those two in their own cute bubble who makes single people sick. Yeah, you got me. The most interesting part of having someone like that around you is the conversation they have. You hear all the words like jaanu, shona, nona, babu,cutie pie...the list is endless. It's stupid and funny, but also kinda cute.

    5) Depressed students

    Since I am over that phase where I had to carry notes to the metro station because of some coaching exam the next day...I really sympathise with them but it also gives me an evil satisfaction watching the kids solving examples, reading for tests, discussing thermodynamics.  >>evil laughs<<

    6) Silent judger

    There is always this one person in every coach who observes everything and silently judges can spot one with a weird smirk on their face.

    7) Gyanchod

    Now the conversation is very interesting when a two guys are talking and discussing something  almost everytime some third person, usually unknown- I call them Gyanchods, comes in between the conversation agreeing/disagreeing on the topic and before you know it, the population of the country is a problem, Modi's politics has been discussed and the future prime minister is right in-front of us.

    Do comment what type are you and also, do let me know of any type that you have observed but I have not mentioned :)




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    Delhi Metro- har type ka koi na koi mil hi jaata hai. Right?