The noise of sirens of VVIP cars, the sight of the caravan of vehicles with red and blue beacon lights on top front is a regular visual on Delhi roads. In the morning today, I was on my usual route to my office. But, the traffic was so heavy today that I had to take a short cut, but there was no relief on that route as well.

After few minutes of wait, I was really irritated as I was getting late for my office, so I got down from the car to ask others, the reason for the jam as there was an ambulance far behind me and no one was able to give it the way to pass.

In moments I got my answer as, “VIP movement hai madam”.

10 mins thereafter…..shew…shew…shew……

One after one, the BMWs, Audis, Police Innovas passed in front of my eyes and I kept wondering that – Is that what I and every other common man pay taxes for? Is the VIP movement in my country is more important than any citizen’s life?

Every day, everywhere we keep hearing ..Save petrol..Save energy. So isn’t it a waste of energy and fuel to use so many cars for one person traveling in the name of security?

Though my questions remained unanswered. But this is my honest effort to bring this issue to the notice of authorities so that we, the common man can be relieved of the trouble of jams, just to give convenience to these so called VIPs.

Please share if you have gone through the same experience as mine.