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    Do I, Just a Homemaker Matter?

    A couple of days back I happen to find my old school group of girlfriends. Like all others, we even got together with a Whatsapp group and chatted happily about the old memories as well as what each of us has become today. A lot many were visibly surprised that am not working in some big company and am a homemaker today(being a freelance writer does not count in the real world).

    Because I was one of those who always scored fairly well in academics, my parents were insistent that I study and be along with the studious children, and I came out of the home to a big city for better education. With all that probably I sent a vibe to all as “hey! I am going to be big in life”. However, I never said that.

    Ladies in the group began discussing the similar question “So, what are you doing now?” Each one started telling their stories. I could not but ignore the word every time “just” as a prefix for being a homemaker, like they say “ Oh, am just a homemaker” or “ are you just a homemaker?” That one single word carried so much emotion that most fail to notice.

    I was one among those, who always thought the purpose of education is for you to get placed in some big company and earn huge bucks. But is that so, really? Education gives you or teaches you a lot many other things which I realized over the years.


    Education teaches a person(both men and women) to be up to date in the current affairs and all the things happening around them. This helps for the women to be alert to her surroundings. It teaches her to be independent and recognize what she is doing.

    Education gives freedom

    To elaborate the above point, when you learn about new things it gives you a sense of freedom. Education gives a woman the courage to fight for her rights and live life in her ways.


    Education makes a woman learn a trade. She may not work in a huge company, but being educated makes women yearn to learn an art. Which can help her in many ways when she needs.

    Better equipped in managing children and family

    When a woman is educated, she has better knowledge to guide her children, family members etc. She will be the rock of every member of the house because they know who can give a right suggestion to their problems.

    Less likely to be domestically abused

    Not that all the women who are abused are not educated. However, education makes women less likely to be domestically abused. Because she can easily identify the difference between abuse and need for duty.

    I request everyone to change their mindset who think being a homemaker is a waste of education or even valuable time. Do not underestimate anyone because you never know what situation made them chose the family upon everything else. She might be perfectly happy with her choice and doing a great job of it. She even might be more capable than you, given the chance. Isn't that's the ultimate goal of everyone – To be happy in life? Respect everyone choices.

    On the other hand, dear ladies! Being busy in a family life might make you neglect that one thing that you were good at. You were educated for a purpose and do not ever brush off your skills. Because you never know when what comes in handy. Always stay well informed, take an active part in everything and enjoy life as best as you know!!

    I am a homemaker like you others, but I have the confidence that I will survive in any situation. I have the courage to fight for my rights and make a living of my own. I know with all the faults, I am a good parent ( I hope my daughter agrees with me. Sigh!) So let's remove the “just” and make it the “best”.



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    Do I, Just a Homemaker Matter?