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Does Play school really matter? 

Proper education lays the foundation stone of a strong academic and social life of children. Initial 6 six years are most critical for children and play school provides a healthy environment to nurture academic and social skills in children.

I am a mother of a 2-year-old child and I confess that I am over protective and over-concerned about my child but that’s not just me who is sailing in this boat, there are many other partners who would agree with me. But amidst all our care and concern we forget that we are curtailing our children’s freedom to explore and imagine.

If we go back to our childhood then you would remember, how we used to play out with our friends and how we used to be so eager to be out and ready to live all by ourselves. However, as we have traveled with time, we have become broader in technology but conservative in our approach. We have bounded our children with curriculums, hobbies and other activities which sometimes would not even entice them.

This is an alarming situation, although it may not sound so, it is. I accept the fact that the world outside is not safe anymore and we need to be more careful but all this at the cost of making a child lose his childhood is unjust. So, what’s the solution? Here comes the role of a play school. Playschools have become a common trend today and they have mushroomed everywhere, thus, you should be careful while choosing them.

A good play school is one which is fun while your kids prepare to learn. Merely imparting education is not important, what’s more crucial is that a play school should be able to engage children and motivate them to learn.

A good play school will not only help you to discipline your child but at the same time, it will also make them learn and become a strong individual. A good play school always harps upon understanding children psychology and then implementing the learning strategy. Play schools have become a unique platform for the development of academic and social skills and preparing themselves to face the go of the world.

So, if you are willing to introduce the outer world to your child, there is no better foundation stone than a play school. Don’t be guilty of the fact that you will be sending your child to a place and keep them away with you, it’s never too late to start.

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