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“If I die writing something, please give it to Aftaab”, said Tanisha.

One evening Aftaab decided to come back home early giving wife and daughter a cute surprise.

Aftaab, a super workaholic person made sure he is always available for his 12 years old daughter Asmirah. She was an apple of his eyes.

The doorbell rang.

Tabassum, his wife opened the door.

Tabassum was a perfect housewife and a loving mother.

“Aftaab, I wasn’t expecting you at this time but I was about to call you”, she said in a disconcerting tone.

“I intended to give you and Asmirah a surprise but what happened you look very muddled”, he asked.

“Asmirah is bawling. I don’t know why”.

Aftaab rushed towards her room.

“What happened, my princess?”, Jumpy father questioned.

“Dad, do you know everything about me?”, she questioned again.

“Yes dear, but why are you crying?”, he quizzed.

“Do you know what I want to become?”, she inquired.

“Yes, a very good writer as you love writing” he answered.

“And you know what my dream is?” She queried again.

After a minute of silence, he replied “Yes to meet Tanisha Arora, your favorite writer?

“I will never be able to meet her. My dream is shattered. I will never be able to read her writings anymore. I will never be able to become like her. Never…….”, said inconsolable Asmirah.

Aftab’s face became little tensed. He hugged his daughter tightly and said “One day u will. Dad’s promise.”

“No dad, I won’t because she passed away an hour ago.” She hugged him tightly.

His face became pale and eyes became teary. He felt suffocated.

“Who told you, Asmirah?” ,he questioned in a state of shock.

“See the news dad.”……

She showed him the news flash.

…..The woman with the broken heart passes away 

Heart attack or heartache, something took Tanisha away.

Lady with a beautiful smile and broken heart is no more……RIP Tanisha Arora

He couldn’t hold back his tears. Asmirah and Tabassum were perplexed seeing his tears.

“I will be back soon”, and he rushed towards his car and drove away. He was still crying. After driving for few minutes. He called on a number. No one answered.

Then he called “Asha”.

“Asha, Hi, This is Aftaab, please don’t disconnect. What happened to Tanisha? Why did you not inform me?”

“How dare you called me? Who gave you my number? After 13 years …..You are wondering why I did not call you and informed that your ‘sweetheart” died’ “, she fumed.

“Asha please” he whispered.

“I know you were in touch with Tanu from last few days and that too for your own selfish reason. Your daughter loves Tanisha. She wanted to meet her. What an irony Aftaab, your own daughter wants to become like someone you left.”

“Asha”…guilty stricken Aftaab had nothing much to say.

“Shut up, Aftaab. I still remember you left her after 7 years of relationship. Just because you were insecure and she was not okay with your stupid terms”.

“No Asha”, he tried explaining her.

“Enough, from 13 years I am holding my anger upon you. She begged in front of you, she pleaded but you didn’t understand. She devoted her life to you. She was an idiot, she chose not to marry a vampire like you. She kept her love alive in her poems and stories.  You actually killed her 13 years back, today her soul departed. Such a coward you are! I hate Tanu for loving you. When I met her she was a strong, confident and independent girl with a lot of dreams in her eyes, you broke her. You killed her. “….

“I am sorry Asha but…”

Aftaab started crying.

“You killed her, Aftaab you killed her. Now entire life you will see Tanu in Asmirah.” , she irked.

“I couldn’t even see her for the last time”, he wept.

“Yes, coward you won’t. Her body has been taken to her hometown. Let her parents also see that the soul left the dead body finally after 13 years.” , her voice trembled.

Aftab’s penitence and guilt were at its peak.

“Tanu had a wish, she once said, Asha if I die writing something please handover that piece of incomplete writing to Aftaab and if he refuses to keep my memories just burn that incomplete piece of writing.”

“Do u have any of her writings?” He asked.

“Yes, I have no other option than to hand over the same to you”. She responded.

“Here is her last piece of her writing and it’s incomplete. I thought you will refuse taking it the way you refused taking all the pictures and videos from Tanu”, he taunted Aftaab.

“Thanks,” he said with a very heavy heart.

He went to Gurdwara after 13 years and cried badly remembering Tanu.

Tanisha Arora, a bubbly, chubby girl full of life, long hairs, sparkling black eyes, confident bold and beautiful. He accidentally met her in the college corridor. All memories of 7 years flashed in front of his eyes.

There was no one in the Gurdwara except Aftaab. Suddenly he felt a hand on his hand. He saw Tanisha. Same bubbly girl laughing…”Don’t cry Aftaab. I am happy you realized but it’s too late. I am gone forever but let Asmirah fly, do not cage her. Don’t do to her what you tried to do with me. Don’t kill her dream to be a writer.Let her wear what she wants, let her make friends, let her laugh aloud. Let her write. Let me live in Asmiraah. I love you and am glad to see you here.”

Aftaab was about to say something but in a blink of an eye, he found no one in the Gurdwara. He was alone.

He calmly came out of Gurdwara and went home.

Asmiraah and Tabassum were waiting for him. Seeing his red swollen eyes both were keyed up.

“What happened?” Tabassum enquired.

“What happened dad?” worried Asmiraah held his dad.

Aftaab kissed her daughter’s forehead and softly replied, “A friend of mine passed away and she was your replica. She also left an incomplete story for me”, he smiled and hugged her tightly.

Tabassum sensed everything but chose to be quiet.

“What’s the name of the story dad?”…….asks the little one.

……The Incomplete Love……

As Aftaab read the story and every single page made his cheeks wet.

The pain and the guilt covered his heart and the only thing he wished was turning back the time. But Alas…..!!!

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  1. Shobhika John

    Loved the content of the story…its beautiful and a lesson too

  2. Anshu Ghodawat

    Loved reading it 🙂

  3. Soumya Sudhakaran

    Loved it.. Made me emotional ! 😑

  4. Shweta

    Have no words to describe this…hope this never happens to anyone 💔

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