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Don’t take your body for granted coz that’s the only permanent place we have to live in.

I broke my knee on my birthday and have been bedridden for a month now. This month of extreme inconvenience taught me something I never really paid attention to before – gratitude for having a fit and fully functional body.

We often neglect our bodies and health for things that are negligible compared to our wellbeing. From something as minor as skipping meals to something as severely damaging as drug abuse, each one of us is being unjust towards our bodies in some way or the other.

Not everyone has all their limbs intact, not everybody has access to the kind of care and treatment that some do, and yet we are constantly ungrateful and careless.

Before you put yourself in danger to show off or drive rashly on roads just for few minutes of fun and excitement, look around you, there are people who may not be very agile, who might not have every body part functioning perfectly and learn to appreciate and take care of everything you have been blessed with. You never know when you may end up losing (temporarily or permanently) something of immense use to you which you simply take for granted as of now.

It is really sad that we often take our bodies for granted even though that’s the only permanent place we have, to live in.

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I learned it the hard way, but my body is suddenly very precious to me and will be prudent to do everything that I can to keep it safe and healthy once I recover fully.

Believe me, it is really scary to even imagine that suddenly you don’t have a leg to use and how would life look like!

So, guys please please take care of your precious bodies and make efforts to be fit and healthy, no matter what.

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