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Dumbest Things People do on Social Media

It amazes me when people post anything and everything on their social media. Especially on the walls of Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Some of which are so hilarious while a few are the dumbest. Though they do not fail to give us a laugh, I still wonder why people feel the need to post such vital information. Is it for the sake of attention? Or simply they do not care until they find themselves in a soup of trouble.

Here are a few statuses, I came across that is really an insane post on one’s social media.

1. Announcing every second what you do

I actually wonder when some of my friends post as “sitting in a restaurant”, “sleeping” or better yet is when they post “am locked inside the toilet”. Seriously nothing is hilarious than to read such posts and find others replying as well.

2. Wishing spouse on the social media

Recently I saw a post that said: “Happy anniversary hubby, you are the best thing that ever happened to me”. Oh! I get it! It’s your wedding anniversary and you are reminding the entire world that we are bound to send wishes your way. If not for that why post such a private and romantic moment on the wall of social media? Are we that busy that we wish a beautiful moment of our lives on the internet?

3. Posting your children pictures

Remember there are all forms of predators and pedophiles. Restrict the kind of photos you share on a public platform especially when it is of your children. Keep your little sweethearts away from trouble.

4. Posting your whereabouts and travel plans

Can anything be dumber than giving information to a potential stalker or burglar about your whereabouts? People post such insane information as “ I am in the airport traveling to so and so a place for several days”. Oh, well! Why not at least post it once you are back rather giving information of your travel plans?

5. Adding strangers to friend list

This is one of the dangerous things to do. Having more number of friends in the friend list on social media has become a rat race and people add anyone and everyone. Well! Some of them might even be a stalker. Watch out!

The list never ends and I keep finding such hilarious things. But whatever you share, at least try to be safe without giving too much information about you. Be sensible and think before you write or say something on the internet public platforms.

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