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Getting fit and healthy is my top goal in 2018. Whats yours??

Its that time of the year again where we all try to make resolutions for the coming year. And to start your journey towards my goal, I will be just following these simple tips.

Reorganize my cupboards and refrigerator

Before the new year begins, I’ll be clearing out my refrigerator and food storage cupboards, making sure I have no processed and junk food left in these places. Once I am out of food items which can make me unhealthy it will be easy to focus on my journey to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Junk food, I will miss you! 🙁

Purchase Healthy Ingredients only

Will jot down the healthy food items I think I should ideally have in my kitchen to cook healthy meals and snacks. This list will chiefly consist fruits, vegetables, unsalted nuts and edible seeds. While shopping I will make sure that I mainly shop from those sections where fresh items are kept, rather than from the sections where processed, canned and packaged eatables are kept. (Oh will be soooooo tough!)

Skip Processed foods

To emphasize on the above point, I’ll overlook everything that is in a packet or in a can, as these food items contain a significant amount of preservatives and additives that are high in sodium and sugar content. The main point to understand here is, anything that cannot go bad is actually bad for my health. Isn’t it??

Start Cooking

Will make a list of six to seven healthy recipes for a week and look up for the process of how to cook on the web, I will get details about the ingredients and step by step tutorial on how to prepare and cook. In this way, I will eat healthy and clean food every day.

Increase my Water Intake

Will try to drink two to three liters of water every day. Make it a rule to not leave my house without a water bottle, I may add few lemon slices and mint leaves to add flavor to the water.

Wish me luck folks!

Getting fit and adopting a healthy lifestyle is my top goal. Whats yours??

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