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Entrepreneurs, take care of your spouses!!

I am married to an entrepreneur and least to say – it is tough. The concept of wedded bliss is a hoax – we all know it by now. You realize the hoax sooner when you are married to an entrepreneur.

The four key things from my experience might not apply to every entrepreneur on this planet. It will apply to many-

Here are a few things entrepreneurs do wrong-

Expect support as a birthright:

Most entrepreneurs have inflated egos and a concept that spouse exists to support them. When I say support, I mean ‘everything’. Daily ups and downs in mood, financial turbulences, location changes. Most entrepreneurs forget that they cannot blindly demand support from spouse or family. Support is given at will. Support deserves immense gratitude in return

Refuse to accept that it was their own choice:

Probably the biggest of them all. The choice to start a company lies solely with the person choosing to do so. It is a personal and conscious choice made by an adult. The basic concept of adult life is that we pay for what we desire. The payment can be in the form of money or in the form of pain we take to achieve what is needed. At the age of 30 or above, it baffles me how entrepreneurs seem to forget this basic concept. It is hard. We all get it. It is your choice – you do not get it. You will have to take and accept the pains of not being on someone else’s payroll. Stop playing the victim. If you cannot stop – change the circumstances and take up a job

Impose their lifestyle on their spouse:

Again, living on the edge financially is your choice. Cutting back on expenses is your imperative. Your chosen path. Least you can do to return the support your spouse gives you is letting them live their lifestyle. If you have a working spouse who works hard to earn a living, the spouse deserves a good lifestyle. Here is your role as a spouse – something for you to consider and give back. Manage your need to cringe everytime your spouse spoils themselves by buying something you cannot afford to buy for them. They have earned it.

Disrespect the struggles of their spouse:

No matter how many investment refusals you got in one day. No matter the stress of the day. Somedays – maybe one day in a month, treat your spouse’s little trials and tribulations as worthwhile your attention. They are also living their life on this planet and their troubles are also real like yours. Respect their struggles even if they look minuscule to you just because you decided to start a company and they didn’t.

Marriage is a roller coaster ride, everybody knows but while married to an entrepreneur, just when you think you can handle this ride, your roller-coaster will veer off on a different set of tracks headed in an entirely new direction.


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