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Ethnic love – Just look drop dead gorgeous!!!

I have a theory: every woman with her shape, size, color, height, whatever it might be, looks drop dead gorgeous in an ethnic wear.

My obsession with ethnic wear developed when I saw my mom wearing beautiful sarees for weddings, with nothing but two kadas and a bindi. A sight to behold. No wonder my dad fell for her. The point being, when you have that bindi on your head, and those jhumkas in your ears to go with your ethnic wear, it looks like someone in power, in control and ready to take on the world.

It was in my first year in college when I wore saree for the very first time, it was my mother’s saree, butter silk and black. Never have I ever felt a cloth that soft on my skin again. I was a nube then, didn’t know how to drape a saree or carry it, but I gave it the best I could. Carried it in the best way I could.

Somehow, with ethnic wear, be it a saree, a patiala suit, a salwar kamees, lehenga, anything there exists no discrimination of upper or lower. It is pretty in all its forms. now that I wonder about it, I think that because it is a part of our very culture maybe that is the reason why it suits our body so graciously, maybe that’s why an Indian bride looks best in her red lehenga/saree, maybe that’s how we as daughters develop a certain fondness for our mom’s sarees.

Variety in terms of ethnic wear is something that has actually been limited to women for a long period of time. This does indeed pose as a matter of injustice for their male counterparts. But fashion gurus, the genius that they are, have sought out new ways to resolve this problem.

Therefore, not getting too woman-centric here but I personally feel that a guy who is wearing a kurta-pyjama looks much elegant than a guy wearing casual-formals.  They give out the intellect vibe and I am all drooling on my knees when that happens and it’s not just about the traditional classic kurta-pyjama anymore, fashion for guys has evolved drastically in the last couple of years.

Not to forget how comfortable these attires are well…unless of course, you are going to a wedding, then it’s a major headache, carrying yourself well, taking that heavy attire of yours everytime you need to move, but then it’s always easier for the male part of the society. **sighs**

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