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I see my father’s reflection in you my love….an honest confession!!

Every girl desires to see her father’s reflection in her man. Isn’t it?? I think this is because she already has love and admiration for a man who has those same traits and sees them as ideal. I am raised by a strong and positive male role model- my father and it seems I’m born under a lucky star so I got you!

Here is my honest confession for you my love…

Every time when you quiz me on why I doted on you, all you get from me is a “smile” as an answer. I just shimmer and say nothing owing to the fact that I fall short of words that could express my meticulous feelings for you.

I have read somewhere,

Marriage is a blessing if husband and wife get blended with their likes and dislikes. If a wife becomes a prestigious apparel for her husband and husband becomes an ardent supporter of his wife.

Truly, you have set foot in my life as a blessing from heaven’s above.

You make this journey worth living. You have accepted me the way I am “Airy and Individualistic”. In short, you let me be “me”.

More than myself, I see you electrified about my passions and dreams. You embolden me. I love the way you embark on life “Earn, Enjoy, Live and let live”. You guard my space.

You are the reason behind the beatific smile I wear all the time. My dressing sense remained mine. My friends became “our” friends. I breathe freedom with you. Nothing changed except the fact that I blush often.

The best part with you is, I can share anything and everything without being judged. You never leave me in my thick and thin. You award me with a sense of satisfaction that my parents will be loved, cared and valued even in my absence. I am grateful that my parents found a son, they didn’t lose their daughter.

You give me butterflies in my stomach when you sprinkle honeyed words, admire me and notice everything about me. I play with my fingers when I over-think, I am allergic to dust, I cry watching movies. I keep humming songs all the time and so much more in me. You notice all.

You leave no stone unturned to love me. From a good morning call to a goodnight call, you never miss any. You don’t care about the society, you don’t care about the world inasmuch as for you “I am the world”.

I feel cushioned and safe when you are around. You are my strength.

You let the kid in me stay alive, stay happy, stay active all the time.

The cuteness of everything you do makes me fall for you even more. I adore when you cook for me, I love when you relish what my mom cooks for you, I enjoy when you and dad crack jokes on me, I like when you guide my brother, I admire when you make my grandparents feel special, I feel celestial when you tell the world that “you are mine”, I smug when you read whatever I write. It’s heart-warming when you appreciate my efforts, I look serene when you stand holding my hands and warn the troubles. I love when you smile and am the reason behind. I love when I make you blush. I love when your eyes twinkle watching me dance for you.

I just want to say “You are magnetic and I am happy you are mine”.

Thank you for being my friend forever. Thank you for making my world upside down.

Thank you for this fairy tale.

P.S. – I will always love you a little more each day

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