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Facts No One Tells You About Falling In LOVE

If you love watching romantic movies, you might think that your love story will also lead to a perfect fairy tale with a happy ending. On the contrary, if you like watching romantic comedies and sitcoms you’ll think falling in love will lead to unhappy boyfriends and nagging girlfriends. Neither of this is true. Here are few facts you might not expect before falling head over heels:

1. Love Needs Time

Love doesn’t happen overnight, you might start feeling for someone overnight, but for a successful relationship to flourish it requires time and effort from both individuals involved. You can only love your partner to the fullest after you have learned about his/her in totality. After spending time, together, you get to know each other’s flaws too, if you still feel connected and in love with them, you know your feelings are true.

2. You’ll Fight for Stupid Reasons

Falling in love doesn’t mean you both won’t have fights, in fact when you start spending most of your time with someone it’s obvious you will have arguments and will get annoyed for silly reasons. You might want them to change one of their habits or anything you don’t like about them. The main thing is you both should find a middle path so that these fights don’t harm your relation.

3. Love Can Be Scary

No doubt being in love is a wonderful feeling, but it can be a bit terrifying too. That’s because you have opened yourself in front of someone, you have handed them your heart, which means this person has the potential to hurt, cheat or disappoint you.

4. You Start Ignoring Other Relationships

When you fall in love, you only wish to spend all your free time with your Bae. When this happens, it’s natural you will be spending less time meeting and talking to your best friend and family members. This act of yours can cause tension between you and your present relationships.

5. You’ll Have to Compromise

When you fall in love, all you want is to see your partner happy and for that one smile you are ready to compromise anything. You’ll have to do things which you don’t like or particularly never did before.

6. You Might Get a Crush on Someone Else

You might be madly in love with your Bae, but it’s natural to find someone else attractive. This happens especially in the starting few months of your relationship. If you’re 100% committed to your man, then there is nothing to worry. Although, you two should set some basic rules on how you will interact with new people.

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