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Finding Mr. Right on Matrimonial sites.

I was 27(happily single), go with the flow kinda girl, employed and had a very loyal & super crazy bunch of friends, life was all sorted… but just for me!

Elders in the family & other well-wishers had a very different perception of me, for them I was 27(way above the marriageable age in India), with no stability in life, not settled (being employed is not being settled, you see!).. my life was certainly not sorted for them. After not being able to fix up a match for me through the conventional ways everyone decided to go for the unconventional way- The Matrimonial Sites. Here began my journey of meeting the prospective grooms of all kinds.;)

Would love to share a few types with you all-

Prospective Groom 1- Shy Type

They take forever to move beyond hello! how are you? and when they manage to move beyond that, a five-minute conversation can be the maximum talk time you are granted.

Prospective Groom 2- Inquisitive Type

They have to know everything from your DOB to the name of your distant relative’s another distant relative. Phew!!

Prospective Groom 3- Nerd Type

They have the supreme power to bore you to death by explaining the complex algorithms and database restructuring that keeps them involved. Better they get married to their profession!

Prospective Groom 4- Brainless Beauty Type

You drool over this handsome man’s snaps and build a fairytale dreamland and then he opens his mouth, talks dumb and your dream world comes crashing down. If only!

Prospective Groom 5- Over Friendly Type

They are the ones who zoom into your world and try to know it all in a matter of few seconds. Such kinds can plan the entire wedding in a few minutes of chat. Beware!

Prospective Groom 6- Out Of Reach Type

Well! Well! You like every bit of his personality, looks and profession, the ideal man he is. He seems to fine tune all the strings of your heart but then this man is either already in talks with someone or his expectations are too high. Sigh!

Prospective Groom 7-  My type 😉

But then I have been extremely lucky to have found my prince charming on one such matrimonial site. After meeting a few absolutely not my kind prospective grooms finally my luck shined and I found my man.

So, all you girls in search of their groom be prepared to have a lovely time finding your right match on these sites and the ones already married, remember your time and have a good laugh! and feel free to add more types to the list.

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  1. bishal phillip

    Must say! Pretty fair description of the types ☺

  2. Divya Rajpoot

    Loved the way you have expressed the real experiences faced by most of us.. Keep up the good work..

    Waiting for more!!!

  3. Shweta

    Enjoyable read!! Would have liked some more description of the last kind 😉

  4. Jaya Paul

    haaa haaaa…kya baat hai Anjali,,,so finally u sorted ur Mayank this way. 🙂

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