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The first Glimpse.

The Door opened and as if it bought the sunshine inside, her face lightened up!

Radhika, a patient at Room number 244.

“I was waiting for you,” She said.

“How do you know it’s me, even before I opened the door?” The deep voice brought an even bigger smile on her face!!

“I just knew.” She said smiling

“Hmm….” This was Dr Parth Mitra.

“I can’t have a lunch date with my patients. So to have lunch with you I had to wind up all my commitments and then report” His voice had a hint of mischief and they both laughed.

Hospital is least of places to find friendship leave love aside. But Miracles happen or you can say that cupid can strike anywhere!

Dr Parth Could have taken modelling as an alternative career if medical profession had not clicked.

With an impressive height of 5. 10’, an athletic buildup he stands tall in the crowd. He has a certain charm, a mix of confidence, chauvinism and immense respect for the fellow people. His spectacled look doesn’t cover the deep intense gaze of his eyes.

His passion for helping people has brought him into the medical profession and this is the reason of his immense success at a young age. Owning his own clinic and assisting at many Hi-End Hospitals kept him too busy to look for someone special in his life.

And the patient in room 244!

A budding entrepreneur, giving a platform to art and artisans.

Ms Radhika Sharma, young determined women with thinking the head on her shoulders. Not to mention her charming personality, her long locks and big beautiful green eyes.

“So what are we planning to eat?” Asked Radhika.

“Whatever you say? I asked the driver to get whatever you order.”

“Wow Doc, not bad! I thought we will have lunch from hospital canteen.”

“Ms Radhika, I guess till now you know me this much. I have got a good choice!”

Parth helped Radhika to come and sit on the chair near the window. Parth wanted to make this lunch as comfortable and memorable as it can be in a hospital!!

As Radhika sat she was handed over a bunch of flowers.

Her face had many colours just like the bunch.

It’s been more than a year since she came in touch with Dr Parth. Being of contemporary age created a bond of friendship between them. Which was initially declined by Radhika as a care or even sympathy. But Love has its own ways to knock you down.

The long stay in the hospital and frequent visits and of course the genuineness of feelings made Radhika a bit soft. She started accepting Dr Parth as a friend and slowly this friendship was turning into a more beautiful journey. Which they both knew but didn’t acknowledge.

“Thank you. You need not do all these Doc. You took out time for me, before the big day…that’s enough for me.”

“I too love colours and that is why bought for you.” He replied in a voice which just touched somewhere deep in Radhika’s heart.

Parth sat opposite Radhika after giving an order to the driver on phone to get Radhika’s favourite food.

“So Ms Radhika, let’s start our discussion which was left that day.”

“Oh Please, Doc there is no discussion. I only talk! You only say Hmmmm.”

Dr Parth had a hearty laughter, “Is that so? OK, now today I will use proper words. ”

Radhika laughed too. ”Ok Than Tell me your favourite colour?”

“It’s White”, smilingly as if he knew Radhika’s reaction .

“Sacchi. I mean Its mine too.”

“And, Favourite food?”

“Äny thing cooked by mom. I love milk and its products.” Parth replied, keenly observing Radhika’s expressions.

“Mom’s Kitchen!! Awww that’s sweet but…..” Radhika stopped abruptly.

“But You don’t like milk. Right? I know” Parth completed

There was a sound of laughter again.

“Now my chance…Tell me about your hobbies.”

“Mine?? I love painting , travelling , writing , watching movies , long chats with friends and everything which is good! And I missed all these since a year…” She said trailing off.

And then there was a silence. A heavy prolong silence.

“Radhika…I want you to know and understand that nothing is going to change from tomorrow. I am with you and will always be the same.” The silence was broken by Dr Parth’s  voice.


“It takes immense courage to fight back with this kind of situation. But you did. God helped to find a donor for your eyes too.”


“You are strong Radhika. Very strong.”


“And I fell in love with this strength.”


“Radhika… Whom you want to see first? Tomorrow..?? After you open your eyes ???”



“I need to see a mirror, Parth. I need to see myself. I have not seen since the Acid attack……I need to meet myself.”

Silence prevailed again; n two heart beats were in sync. Not sync in pain but in hope, and of course Love.

Slowly a hand slipped into Radhika’s hand and the fingers entwined… making her even stronger.

She was ready for the first glimpse!!

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  1. Anjali Mayank Mishra

    Beautiful 🙂

  2. Vandna Gupta


  3. Rupa

    Can see the entire episode happening in front of my eyes….very realistic approach…loved it.

  4. Raghuvir singh

    I am fully agree with Rupa. The way you write the stories, its amazing…! I would like to mention here that previous one is much more realistic with comparison to this one but your writing skills are truly amazing.

  5. contactdeepakbhatt

    This story is example of compassion.

  6. Gunjan yadav

    Very well written…Simply loved reading mam.

  7. Shweta Tayal

    Very well written mam.. Amazing story..

  8. Nitin Garg

    Glad to read and become a kid again… Very well written Sarita Mam!

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