The first Glimpse. 3

The Door opened and as if it bought the sunshine inside, her face lightened up!

Radhika, a patient at Room number 244.

“I was waiting for you,” She said.

“How do you know it’s me, even before I opened the door?” The deep voice brought an even bigger smile on her face!!

“I just knew.” She said smiling

“Hmm….” This was Dr Parth Mitra.

“I can’t have a lunch date with my patients. So to have lunch with you I had to wind up all my commitments and then report” His voice had a hint of mischief and they both laughed.

Hospital is least of places to find friendship leave love aside. But Miracles happen or you can say that cupid can strike anywhere!

Dr Parth Could have taken modelling as an alternative career if medical profession had not clicked.

With an impressive height of 5. 10’, an athletic buildup he stands tall in the crowd. He has a certain charm, a mix of confidence, chauvinism and immense respect for the fellow people. His spectacled look doesn’t cover the deep intense gaze of his eyes.

His passion for helping people has brought him into the medical profession and this is the reason of his immense success at a young age. Owning his own clinic and assisting at many Hi-End Hospitals kept him too busy to look for someone special in his life.

And the patient in room 244!

A budding entrepreneur, giving a platform to art and artisans.

Ms Radhika Sharma, young determined women with thinking the head on her shoulders. Not to mention her charming personality, her long locks and big beautiful green eyes.

“So what are we planning to eat?” Asked Radhika.

“Whatever you say? I asked the driver to get whatever you order.”

“Wow Doc, not bad! I thought we will have lunch from hospital canteen.”

“Ms Radhika, I guess till now you know me this much. I have got a good choice!”

Parth helped Radhika to come and sit on the chair near the window. Parth wanted to make this lunch as comfortable and memorable as it can be in a hospital!!

As Radhika sat she was handed over a bunch of flowers.

Her face had many colours just like the bunch.

It’s been more than a year since she came in touch with Dr Parth. Being of contemporary age created a bond of friendship between them. Which was initially declined by Radhika as a care or even sympathy. But Love has its own ways to knock you down.

The long stay in the hospital and frequent visits and of course the genuineness of feelings made Radhika a bit soft. She started accepting Dr Parth as a friend and slowly this friendship was turning into a more beautiful journey. Which they both knew but didn’t acknowledge.

“Thank you. You need not do all these Doc. You took out time for me, before the big day…that’s enough for me.”

“I too love colours and that is why bought for you.” He replied in a voice which just touched somewhere deep in Radhika’s heart.

Parth sat opposite Radhika after giving an order to the driver on phone to get Radhika’s favourite food.

“So Ms Radhika, let’s start our discussion which was left that day.”

“Oh Please, Doc there is no discussion. I only talk! You only say Hmmmm.”

Dr Parth had a hearty laughter, “Is that so? OK, now today I will use proper words. ”

Radhika laughed too. ”Ok Than Tell me your favourite colour?”

“It’s White”, smilingly as if he knew Radhika’s reaction .

“Sacchi. I mean Its mine too.”

“And, Favourite food?”

“Äny thing cooked by mom. I love milk and its products.” Parth replied, keenly observing Radhika’s expressions.

“Mom’s Kitchen!! Awww that’s sweet but…..” Radhika stopped abruptly.

“But You don’t like milk. Right? I know” Parth completed

There was a sound of laughter again.

“Now my chance…Tell me about your hobbies.”

“Mine?? I love painting , travelling , writing , watching movies , long chats with friends and everything which is good! And I missed all these since a year…” She said trailing off.

And then there was a silence. A heavy prolong silence.

“Radhika…I want you to know and understand that nothing is going to change from tomorrow. I am with you and will always be the same.” The silence was broken by Dr Parth’s  voice.


“It takes immense courage to fight back with this kind of situation. But you did. God helped to find a donor for your eyes too.”


“You are strong Radhika. Very strong.”


“And I fell in love with this strength.”


“Radhika… Whom you want to see first? Tomorrow..?? After you open your eyes ???”



“I need to see a mirror, Parth. I need to see myself. I have not seen since the Acid attack……I need to meet myself.”

Silence prevailed again; n two heart beats were in sync. Not sync in pain but in hope, and of course Love.

Slowly a hand slipped into Radhika’s hand and the fingers entwined… making her even stronger.

She was ready for the first glimpse!!

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4 Biggest Turn-Offs for Women !!! 30

Are you looking for a long-term relationship? or Are you presently dating someone? then it’s important for you to know certain things about women which can act as the biggest turn offs. However, this puts women on the sensitive side. It’s necessary for you to understand that women are guided by emotions more than a man in the context to any situation or event, be it related to their personal or professional lives.

Any negligence in your speaking style or attitude can instantly act as the biggest turn-off for women. These turn offs can be both sexual related as well related to your general lifestyle. To ensure the success of your relationship, it is necessary for you to learn them thoroughly so that you can avoid them. Have a look at some of the biggest turn-off for women.

Have a look at some of the biggest turn-off for women.

  1. Self-praise

It’s not good to be over confident, despite knowing this fact if you continue this attitude, it can turn off the mood of your lady love. This doesn’t mean that women don’t appreciate a man who is poised. But they definitely, dislike guys who overdo this. Usually, overconfidence is seen as an act of adoring your image. This makes a woman feel humiliated and considered less important. Hence, don’t show too much of confidence in anything you do when you are with your lady. Or else, be ready to welcome the void in your relationship.

  1. Talking about your Ex

This is something you should avoid at any cost no matter how much you feel like discussing your ex in a given situation, you should never do this, it’s one of the biggest turn-offs for women. Doing so will develop an image of you not being able to get over your past relationship in your lady. Remember your Ex is your past. So why not leave that behind and move forward? Well, if you can’t get over this, then better stay away from heading with any new relationship. Or else at the end of the day, your talks about your Ex will keep both you and the lady frustrated with the development of a communication and emotional gap in the relation.

  1. Being over instructional

You may have good experience and skills in the bedroom, but don’t instruct your lady in the bedroom, especially at the initial stage of intimacy. It is necessary to understand that there are several rights and wrong ways of encouraging a woman to do stuff the way you like, first let her do what she feels comfortable with. It is natural to make love as it strengthens a relationship. Instructing a woman about how to do and what not to do will end up seizing the true natural experience you both will have from love making and will also hurt her feelings.

  1. Sex obsession

As a man, you enjoy sex because of the fun and relaxation you feel. Though this is natural, if you are sex obsessed, then this will depict you as a creepy guy in front of your girl. Again, if you don’t express any sexual interest, that will create a childlike image of you to the girl. At the same time, remember that women consider the emotional bond to be the fuel kindles intimacy. So, don’t be sex-obsessed and let the emotions you both share, do its work.

It is true that with the growing span of the relationship, your lady will gain interest and will be ready to hear about your past life, your likes/dislikes and so but it is also important to reach that stage and let her initiate these type of conversations.

Most Annoying Habits of a Husband!! 3577

Talking about the husband and in-laws is one of the common topics for most women because, hey! In a way they are part of our world, aren’t they? But seriously, when the talk is about the husband, after the sweet things like how romantic he is or what all the good things he does to make us smile or feel lovely, there comes the annoying things they do, which is actually on a daily basis that constantly keeps us irritated.

Trying to change them is certainly an impossible task. We women are not perfect either and probably we too got some things that might be irritating to the husband, but here is a wife perspective.

Habit 1- chewing food with mouth open and making sounds

I am sure no women raises her son to become a cow when he grows up, although I wonder why some men just cannot get rid of the habit of making those annoying sounds of chewing while eating their food. Do they really do not realize that how annoying it can be for others who are also trying to eat the same food sitting next to them or is it simply the husband do not care?

Habit 2 – Mixing up the order of arrangement

Asking your husband to help around the house is like asking a kid to help. My husband helps a lot around the house, but what I dislike is the mixing of the order. Not that I am suffering from OCD however, I still like to keep certain things in its place which makes it easier to reach out the next time. For example, different clothes in different shelves, kids clothes another wardrobe, orderly arrangement of spice boxes in the kitchen etc. The other day I kept looking for a dress of mine for more than half an hour in my shelf and realized it was my husband who folded the washed and dried clothes. So knowing him, I looked for it in my kid shelf and found it. Things like this can be really annoying when you do not have the time and the patience.

Habit 3- Pretending listening to you while he watches the TV

Most husbands think their wife cannot differentiate when they animatedly shake their head to something she might be speaking while their eyes and mind both are on the TV. Here’s some news for all married men! Your wife knows when you are being inattentive and if you want to avoid problems and arguments later on, better you listen to her while she is really trying to make a conversation.

Habit 4 – Forgetting important things

I believe most husbands have a temporary Alzheimer. Because at least more than once they tell their wife that they forgot to inform something important and can remember only when asked about it. Why I wonder? Or is it something deliberately done? What do you think ladies?

Habit 5 – Sleeping in unmade bed

It drives me nuts when I see anyone, not only my husband but anyone sleep before making the bed. My husband argument is, why waste so much of energy in making the bed neat just so you can spoil all of it again? It’s simply impossible for me to get some sleep even if the bedspread is crumpled.

Habit 6 – Not bathing in the weekends

It’s a ritual for most men. If it is a weekend, all they think of is watching TV, sleeping entire day and then they do not shower. I just do not get it why do you have to skip shower though?

Habit 7 – Keys and wallets are in wrong place

In our house, I am the one who can find all the things that everyone misplaces. Though we have a key stand to put all the keys as soon as one enter and each of them have a separate shelf to keep their daily belongings like ID’s, wallets etc. Yet, they go on keeping them all around the house except not where it needs to be kept.

Habit 8 – Using laptops, mobile or newspaper while sitting on the commode

My husband carries his laptop even when he uses the bathroom. Nothing is more annoying when you are actually waiting to talk about something and the husband is busy using the bathroom for more than 20 minutes. If not a laptop, some have a habit of playing games on mobile or checking out the minute news app or even read a news paper. Talk about not wasting even a minute!!!

Do these habits seem familiar? It’s not only women who do odd things, but also men. Women and men are different species who are born to annoy each other and hence they are perfectly paired. Though the husband may irritate us in so many ways, the love and care always stands up, isn’t it?

Comment if your husband got any other habits that are not listed in the list and share the article to have a good laugh with family and friends.