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Food Dosti – A mobile application for a social cause!

Last weekend, I was waiting for my hair to be trimmed and for some facial to be done (to defy the age) in a local “saloon”. Yeah! you are right that it should be pronounced as ‘SALON’ but I would stick to ‘Saloon’ as my preferred choice for being a South Asian and the word ‘SALON’ is too sophisticated for a person like me.

I also understand that a ‘CUSTOMER’ don’t wait for its turn in a SALON. Rather an ‘appointment’ is fixed ‘by’ and ‘for’ the ‘CLIENT’ in a ‘SALON’. So, going by the trend in our society… what I know is that if some extra bugs are spent, I could become a ‘CLIENT’ for a SALON else just a ‘CUSTOMER’ in a ‘SALOON’. And I generally don’t use the popular ‘app’ to avail discount offers for ‘Saloon’ services:). Too confusing! Isn’t it?

Anyways, let’s move forward with the topic in my mind. So, while waiting for my turn, I was glued to an episode related to latest in technology, social media. The episode was being telecasted by a Marathi channel.

The episode ‘enlightened’ me with the best of inventions/discoveries by the common people like me. This half-an-hour episode covered three innovations like petroleum products from plastics, solar energy enabled cycle and a review of a mobile app. Well, all the three innovations are worth mentioning but I would restrict myself to the app based innovation. There is a reason to it, which is connected to the menace of food wastage.

I hope this would be much better topic to discuss than politics, religions, controversies, breaking-news, and debate on pseudo-nationalism/patriotism.

As my inquisitiveness is at peak these days (I love the word ‘inquisitiveness’ but have to find a much better word to showcase my command over vocabulary😊). It made me surf the internet to get a better understanding of food wastage. So here it goes….

A report in the Corporate Social Responsibility journal suggests that we the civilized, educated, patriotic, nationalist Indians waste as much food as the whole of United Kingdom consume. Hmmm….Should we be proud of this statistics considering that millions in a country still sleep hungry on streets?.Well, it depends as to whether the stats hurts my sentiments, as in the case of other historical or religious issues of so-called “national importance”.

According to the report in the journal,
• Up to 40 percent of the food produced in India is bound to get wasted.
• About 21 million tons of India’s entire wheat produce is wasted.
• Approximately 50,000 crores worth of food produced is wasted every year in the country (Source: Ministry of Agriculture).
• India ranks 63 among 88 countries in Global Hunger Index (Source: UN data).
• 25 percent of fresh water used to produce food is ultimately wasted. If calculated in cubic kilometers, this would be more than an average river flowing in India.
• To meet the food demand, approximately 45 percent of India’s land is degraded primarily due to deforestation, unsustainable agricultural practices, and excessive groundwater extraction. (The only silver lining is that in last two years India has retained and made it possible to increase its forest area by more than 14,000 hectares
• Around 300 million barrels of oil, which has been used to produce food is ultimately wasted, due to wastage of such food.

The above pointers are just a glimpse of a movie trailer. If you search the internet, the situation is more alarming than what I highlighted. But the silver lining is that still there are people in India, who rather than blaming the government for their woes, re-direct their thought process to do something creative for the benefit of society. One such outcome of that creativity is the mobile application called ‘Food Dosti’.

1.It is INDIA’S ZERO FOOD WASTAGE PLATFORM started by Samvad Technologies (a Startup in Pune)

2. Food Dosti app is a platform, wherein the restaurants, eateries, their customers, non-profits corporates can come together to ensure minimal food wastage.

3. The customers are rewarded points (1 point = 1 Rupee), which can be redeemed on their next visit to the Food Dosti restaurant.

3.Food Dosti app allows the leftover food to be donated by the restaurant to the NGOs, which ensures that the food is reached to the needy.

Well, …it’s up to us whether to install the app or not. It depends on how important is the issue of food menace to us or Do we still go with the idea that it is for the government machinery to address the issue.

By the way, neither I am the sponsor of this app nor I am being paid to advertise it…Just came across this app and thought to share it with all of you as a small step towards a social cause and to feel proud of myself that I care for my religion, forefathers, future generations, and my country INDIA.

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