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For Punjabi’s, breakfast has a different definition!

Going from 50kgs to 80kgs…adding 30kilos to what I was on my wedding day. Disheartened, I was fed up with my looks and unhealthy eating habits of the family. It is so embarrassing to tell your tailor that -bhaiya ye suit dheela karna hai. I was really worried about my unfit and Extraaaa large sized figure. From a punjabi family and being married in a punjabi family, where breakfast has a different definition….. I was so helpless!

But one fine day, without telling anybody in the house, I got the appointment from the best dietician in the city. I met her in the afternoon and expressed my desire to lose what I had extra. She smiled and gave me a very nice diet plan for next three days. Diet plan was not at all crash diet but sumptuous one, that made me eat at least nine times a day.


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After one month when I started losing weight and at least my face was getting rid of that unwanted fat, the melodrama began. My Punjabi in-laws expressed their utter disappointment with me. For them, I was not eating anything and was fasting literally. Since for them having only Poha in the breakfast is a sin but two paranthas with curd or poori channa with lassi is a bliss. A bowl of oats or porridge is starvation and Brown bread is a waste of money.

Do I need a check? Wondering!

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The whole assembly of in-laws, two sister-in-laws, two bua’s with their husbands, the great grandfather of my children, my father in law and mother in law, everyone, were in so seriously discussing my diet. When I entered the drawing room with tea for everyone, all I could hear was my mother-in-law, murmuring that all days are like karvachuath for me. And the expressions like” hor ki” ” Oh ho” followed in condolence.

I was so stressed, though it was not mentioned in my diet plan. Explaining healthy food habits to people for whom the best way to pamper themselves and everybody for that matter is to eat and eat heavy. So I decided not to try and continue with my diet. After all, Health is wealth!


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  1. saroja vasanth

    For a woman, after marriage..its so many things that plays a role in weight gain. But then we get into a habit of eating anything. Its tough to lose weight, but what I fould is, its tougher to maintain what we lose. To stay in control is the toughest part. Good luck to you and stick to your diet plans…

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