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From an engineer to shoepreneur- journey was tough!

How far will you go in chasing your dreams? What are you willing to give? What challenges are you ready to take on?

Before you think of answers…..

Meet our young and passionate shoepreneur, Mahak Rastogi, owner of Micha Shoes. After years of struggle and hardship, the dream she was chasing became a reality in the form of her venture- Micha.

It was a struggle for her because it was not only outside her home that she encountered the barriers, but in her family too, coz they believed academics is more important than the art of designing or any other creative field. Like the majority of Indian parents who still thinks creativity is a thing of hobby and not a profession, Mahak’s family was also not okay with her idea of pursuing her dream.

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Because of much of resistance and objections, she had to join engineering but left it within two years because the wish of creating and designing shoes was so well fortified that she ended the torture(as she calls it) and joined her new college Footwear Design and Development Institute to learn all about shoe industry coz since childhood she had a weird attraction towards shoes, as told to Gallinukkad.

After completing her graduation there, she even joined shoe industry as an employee in Mumbai but the itch of starting her own brand was vigorous so she left her job and after rigorous research and planning, she launched her own brand of shoes in the mid of 2015; embarked her first shoe collection on FB.

The 1st collection received a lot of praise and the dream of seeing my shoes being worn by people finally came to life.

– says the creative womanpreneur.

She then joined hands with her brother, Manik Rastogi who unlike Mahak is very passionate about running a successful business, meeting deadlines and collaborating and building contacts with people.

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The brother-sister duo made a very good team that had a balance of both, art and business. The brother who now handles all the aspects of the brand which helps the sister to concentrate only on her designing. Awesome!! Isn’t it?

Since ages, I have looked at fashion as a form of art, expression and creation. Shoes being a very important part of fashion has always intrigued me. The shoe in its form is a magical thing. It defines your style in the most effective way. So here at MiCHA we thrive to create designer, one of a kind shoe for the ardent shoe lovers.

– says Mahak, guilty of being shoe obsessed… 😉

All shoeholics must visit her  Facebook Page.

So, Women entrepreneurs, be prepared to push yourself to the core. The journey is tough, but it is also fun. You can learn and grow as a person through out the journey. Just follow your dreams!




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