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Why do people pose ‘AFFLUENT’ on Social Media

Everyone feels revulsion to people who tend to seek attention and show off over-actively. What I don’t understand is why it’s well-tolerated on the social channels?

For few, social channels have become just a place to create a fake self-image, please their ego and desperately seek attention. Obsession with showing off their lives on social media just to let the whole world know they live a perfect, happy life….is disgusting!

1. Going for Vacation??…. No Big Deal!

If you are on a trip, you have to post photos/check-in messages online as an evidence of your prosperity. Or else how will you tell people how rich and luxurious your life is!

2. Everybody get Gifts.

If you have been presented with a bouquet of flower, it is mandatory for everyone on FB or Insta to know about it. Cause no one else in the world has ever got it! 😉

3. Eating out is not a luxury my dear!

The postings with pics of food at a fine dining restaurant which means you also eat at restaurants and can afford it as if your virtual friends actually care where you are and what you are eating.

4. Wishing Virtually makes no sense.

It gets so stupid you get posts like ‘Good morning to all my friends’ but the same goof will meet same people living in the neighbourhood and not even greet them.

5. ‘Checking-in’ announcements sound cheap.

Not to mention, the grand announcement of checking into an International Airport on Facebook is a matter of pride. Obviously, you are the first and the last one to travel by air to an international destination! 😉

6. Dating somebody… it’s a personal affair.

Posting pics of that first date to show off how ‘cute’ he is or how ‘sexy’ she was is more relevant than to pay attention to the quality of person you dated. After all, How will you make single people jealous and give them reasons to resent for not having that ‘cute’ or ‘sexy’ partner with them?

7. Shopping is not a privilege, everybody does it.

10 beautiful pictures to flaunt every new dress every time for a new profile pic is important than the occasion you have worn it for. Come on, who is interested in your new shopping?

I am not talking here about Ambanis or Shahrukh Khan who are rich and influential already but my question here is…. Have you seen the common people working as CEOs or CMOs of companies clicking pics in each room of home or hotel to show off their lifestyle? Have you ever seen frequent flyers’ brag about their travel?

NOOOOOOO……you know why??

Cause these are the people who have a lot to do in their real lives and do not have time to create a virtual face to leave behind a substantial digital footprint. They don’t need to tell and prove to anybody that they are affluent.

All I want to say here is…..Fulfilled and busy people don’t have time for that.

Just because somebody doesn’t upload travel photos, delicious foods, expensive fine dines or night outs, they are deficient, boring, uncool..isn’t it?

Don’t let social media fool you. There are people who do not brag online about their number of friends, new gadgets and expensive stuff but they have more number of faithful friends in real life, fat bank accounts and achievements in life compared to self-publicist people constantly showing off on Instagram about their perfect life of travel and luxury.

To all socially anxious individuals….. don’t see social media as a safe place for self-expression and to compensate for your offline deficiencies.

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