Why do people pose ‘AFFLUENT’ on Social Media 3024

Everyone feels revulsion to people who tend to seek attention and show off over-actively. What I don’t understand is why it’s well-tolerated on the social channels?

For few, social channels have become just a place to create a fake self-image, please their ego and desperately seek attention. Obsession with showing off their lives on social media just to let the whole world know they live a perfect, happy life….is disgusting!

1. Going for Vacation??…. No Big Deal!

If you are on a trip, you have to post photos/check-in messages online as an evidence of your prosperity. Or else how will you tell people how rich and luxurious your life is!

2. Everybody get Gifts.

If you have been presented with a bouquet of flower, it is mandatory for everyone on FB or Insta to know about it. Cause no one else in the world has ever got it! 😉

3. Eating out is not a luxury my dear!

The postings with pics of food at a fine dining restaurant which means you also eat at restaurants and can afford it as if your virtual friends actually care where you are and what you are eating.

4. Wishing Virtually makes no sense.

It gets so stupid you get posts like ‘Good morning to all my friends’ but the same goof will meet same people living in the neighbourhood and not even greet them.

5. ‘Checking-in’ announcements sound cheap.

Not to mention, the grand announcement of checking into an International Airport on Facebook is a matter of pride. Obviously, you are the first and the last one to travel by air to an international destination! 😉

6. Dating somebody… it’s a personal affair.

Posting pics of that first date to show off how ‘cute’ he is or how ‘sexy’ she was is more relevant than to pay attention to the quality of person you dated. After all, How will you make single people jealous and give them reasons to resent for not having that ‘cute’ or ‘sexy’ partner with them?

7. Shopping is not a privilege, everybody does it.

10 beautiful pictures to flaunt every new dress every time for a new profile pic is important than the occasion you have worn it for. Come on, who is interested in your new shopping?

I am not talking here about Ambanis or Shahrukh Khan who are rich and influential already but my question here is…. Have you seen the common people working as CEOs or CMOs of companies clicking pics in each room of home or hotel to show off their lifestyle? Have you ever seen frequent flyers’ brag about their travel?

NOOOOOOO……you know why??

Cause these are the people who have a lot to do in their real lives and do not have time to create a virtual face to leave behind a substantial digital footprint. They don’t need to tell and prove to anybody that they are affluent.

All I want to say here is…..Fulfilled and busy people don’t have time for that.

Just because somebody doesn’t upload travel photos, delicious foods, expensive fine dines or night outs, they are deficient, boring, uncool..isn’t it?

Don’t let social media fool you. There are people who do not brag online about their number of friends, new gadgets and expensive stuff but they have more number of faithful friends in real life, fat bank accounts and achievements in life compared to self-publicist people constantly showing off on Instagram about their perfect life of travel and luxury.

To all socially anxious individuals….. don’t see social media as a safe place for self-expression and to compensate for your offline deficiencies.

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Movie Review: SIMRAN 2800

Queen, Tanu Weds Manu, Tanu Weds Manu Returns and now Simran, Kangna is on a rout, she has proven time and again that she is one of the best actresses available today. She has made a mark for herself in the film industry synonymous to that made by Sridevi, that, of doing movies which are female-centric, of movies which revolve around themselves (Judaai, Chaalbaz, Lamhe, Laadla to name a few). The only difference though being, all the movies had an extremely strong supporting cast. Kangna has to be given accolades to run a movie entirely on her very own shoulders, and this is not the first time either, we bow to you Kangna, you deserve the Best Actress Award for this one.

Kangna who plays Praful Patel is a gujju girl staying in Atlanta who likes herself be called as Prafff. Praf has a typical Gujarati accent and all my Gujju friends are going to love the Gujarati dialogues the movie carries, I know Gujarati and so I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Kangna is introduced from a housekeeping scene mopping and wiping floors and tables, there is just so much genuineness in that scene, it’s great to watch her there. When she goes to Vegas, her sleazy lines such as “are you tired, because you were running in my mind” are some great moments that bring about here innocence and wickedness both out at the same time.

In the red dress in Vegas, she looks gorgeous, she dazzles and ravishes like a diva and is super cute when she puts on her very native gujju accent “Halo, I aem Praeffff…” she just steals your attention away throughout the movie. A song in the movie titled “Lagdi Hai Thaai” sung by Guru Randhawa aptly describes what Simran is in the movie.

The best thing about this movie is that it has a good storyline and director Hansal Mehta pulls it off amazingly with Kangna. The first hour of the movie just zips its way through with Kangna showcasing her bubbly self, her expressions at an expensive store, her bargaining at the street shop and then her equivalence of the pink champagne and fries at the bartender, there are too many funny and hilarious moments. It’s the second half that becomes a tad serious but since the movie is almost 2 hrs, it doesn’t feel to be stretched at any point of time.

There are some points where you wonder if it is really possible to learn a bank robbery from YouTube and execute a heist, but those go in the movie stride and you really don’t mind these.

The movie touches important points related to the American Dream that much of our Indian Community has and exposes that it might not be true for everyone, it may turn out to be just a Dream for some. The nagging father of Kangna performs well and Sohum Shah is where I think a popular Bollywood actor would have benefited more, but Sohum looks original, he is simple and he looked like a studios guy from a small town in Gujarat, he does justice to his role.

But it’s Kangna and Kangna and Kangna stealing away the show, she is setting new benchmarks which are extremely difficult to surpass when it comes to ACTING. She is fantabulous and the heart of this movie.

She carries it on her shoulders all alone and she delivers a power-packed punch.

Music is good and hummable.

There is actually no one else to talk about in the movie, the movie has absolutely no supporting cast, but trust me, it wasn’t needed as well. The movie is about Simran, and it talks about Simran, hats off to Kangna, this one’s a Kohinoor in the QUEEN’S CROWN. 🙂

All in all, it’s an extremely light and a different movie with awesome Acting by Kangna. Watch it for Kangna.

Rating: 3.5/5.0

(0.5 points extra only and only for Kangna)

Dating is cooler than a Relationship….Do you think so?? 1068

I am 101 % every one of you is going to agree with me on this – Dating is quite fun!! As it involves meeting new people, exploring new places with your gf/bf, the excitement of a new bond, those butterflies in the stomach. But during all this, somewhere deep down lays a sense of insecurity. Insecurity of losing your special someone because dating is not synonyms to the relationship. Where relationships have the commitment, dating doesn’t follow any such decree.

One of the most significant reasons that make dating cooler than relationships is commitment. It’s not easy to not make a connection and still be together. Many people think that settling down or being in a relationship can be boring, actually, they consider it as ‘Old school’. But you know what, if you never come under this league, perhaps, you will never experience the beauty of being in a relationship.

Relationships are not meant to be boring! In fact, being in a relationship makes your life beautiful and evolves you into a better individual.

Below are few reasons that’ll make you wonder how being in a relationship makes you a better person!

  1. A Relationship Rejuvenates You

Love is a very powerful feeling it makes us do things for others which we wouldn’t do for ourselves. A relationship changes you in a better person, your partner brings out the best in you. With your partner’s love and affection, they turn you into a better individual. Being in a relationship fills you with new hopes and aspirations.

  1. It changes your Attitude towards life

When single we usually only think about ourselves, act stubborn and resentful towards people and situations. But being in a relationship makes us think rationally and lowers down our ego and arrogance. It also invokes the sense of responsibility and a better understanding of life which we generally lack.

  1. You Start Feeling Good

The best part of being in a relationship is you start feeling happy and good about everything around. There is no space for stress or reasons to be depressed as two of you are always there to support each other and work towards the happiness of one another. Here, I would like to mention that this is the case of positive relations which are not forced.

  1. You Learn to Adjust

Every relationship demands adjustment, compromise, and sharing. When you get involved with someone the first thing which happens is you start adjusting according to your partners likes and dislikes. Slowly you start sharing your living space, you start making plans together and what not. being in a relationship teaches you how to express your love and care and how to keep your partners needs first.

  1. You Explore new things

The plus point of being in a relationship is your world expands, by this I mean you get to know about new things from you from a partner. You develop new likes and hobbies. You get exposed to a different kind of music, movies and if you both like reading then, books too ;). You also get a brand-new family and set of friends and cousins to hang out with.

  1. You feel Strong

Difficulties are part of life, we all face ups and downs, difficult situations in our lives. But having a partner by your side gives you the strength to fight any battle of life. Knowing that your partner has your back will give you the courage to go through any circumstances and come out with more positivity and belief that with that your partners help you can fight anything and everything

All relationships go through hell, only the real ones get through It …So, no matter how many girls or boys you have dated, there’ll come a time when you’ll realize the meaning of settling down with that special someone!