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Fuller Eyelashes…Not a big deal!!

Eyes are the most attractive and noticeable feature on the human face. Eyelashes are like the crown on the eyes. Eyes look wholesome if eyelashes are fuller. Moreover, the face looks attractive and becomes more photogenic. Fuller eyelashes are every girl’s dream. Many makeup artists give a full makeover to eyes and make eyelashes, but the charm of naturally fuller eyelashes is far beyond explanation.

Given below are few tips to have fuller eyelashes naturally.

  • Using Castor Oil: With a use of organic castor oil for massaging regularly will help eyelashes to grow to longer and fuller. Normally it is applied with a brush onto lashes equally so that they grow long and equal.
  • Applying Vitamin E: As a lotion or a gel of Vitamin E, if applied directly with the brush to lashes will undoubtedly make them look fuller.
  • Using different Natural Oils: Many oils naturally extracted can help eyelashes to grow better and longer. These oils can be olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil, sesame, rose hip or argon oil can be few to name.
  • Using Aloe vera gel: Aloe vera is the natural super herb that can be used regularly on eyelashes to make them look fuller and lengthy. Aloe vera gel or lotion can be used to massage the lashes.
  • Using green tea: many people recommend the use of green tea for making eyelashes healthy and stronger. Green Tea can be made and cooled down and then swiped over lashes using some cotton dabbing.
  • Not using more of fake eyelashes: One should avoid using fake eyelashes, as they are just temporarily used extensions. But the glue and chemical used to fix them, if used for the longer period will definitely damage eyelashes.
  • Remove makeup before going to bed: Makeup applied should be removed properly before we go to bed. And rather apply some natural oil to nourish them

The old tried and tested natural remedies are always good to use, over the chemical and artificial option available in the market nowadays. Eating healthy, using natural ingredients and taking proper care of lashes with respect to massage will definitely lead to fuller and lengthier eyelashes. Some people go for difficult medication for their growth. It can have side effects so should be avoided and rather eyelashes should be taken care naturally with natural ingredients.

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