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Gang-Raped, Woman Travelled In Delhi Metro Holding Her Dead Baby.

I want to scream and I want to shout out loud; God, humans are your greatest creation but I am sorry to say that I have not seen such a pathetic living being on this earth ever. You created both man and woman as an equal entity, together they are the creator of new life but seeing what is happening around me, I want to question your thinking and creation.

I am a woman and being born in a nation where women have been treated as a deity should make me feel proud of myself but seeing the series of incidence which shows how some people are ripping apart the dignity of a woman does not only demeans women but have also divulged the diabolical thinking perpetuating in our male counterparts.

If you have been blindfolded all this while, then let me unfold the truth;  I was trying to overcome Nirbahaya but I guess, it was just the beginning. The horrific truth that left me traumatized was about a 19-year-old woman being raped and her 8 months old daughter stifled to death. The hideous crime which took place in Gurugram, where an eight months old baby was thrown just because her bawling was disturbing the sick intentions of the Rapists, simply shows how evil have we become.

The lust to calm down the growing hormonal temperature of a few people asked for the life of a baby and ended up by raping the mother of the baby. It would be wrong to say that I can imagine what she went through, the horror and terror and fear that would have surrounded that woman on the night of May 29th, 2017 leaves my nerve cold and my eyes numb. I don’t have words to describe this hideous crime and the evil intention of people around us.

My question here is where are those so called ‘Human Rights’ activists today? Why there are no long debates on any news channel on this? Why are big politicians not invited on talk shows today? I remember a few days back, one of the reputed news channel held a two-day debate on new developments on Ms.Sunanda Tharoor murder case. What about this murder case where one 8-month-old infant and a woman’s dignity was brutally murdered just for the 10seconds pleasure of few men?

Disgusting is the word! I feel really ashamed to be a part of society where when a celebrity commits suicide is a national news and talked about for days but the trauma and the pain of a common woman deserve just a headline in the newspaper.

In the country where when an army man punishes a stone pelter without harming him in any ways is confronted by Human rights activists and an apology is expected by the country’s Army but for girls like Nirbhaya,…..,…..,…. we have to come on roads in lakhs to prove that even these girls were humans and deserve justice.

Today, despite being an independent and well-educated woman, I am afraid to step out to my house, I am afraid to ask for help from a stranger, the situation has become so bad that I am even afraid to walk out with my daughter who is newly born.  Many people would say that I am overreacting and such incidences happen once in a while, but what they fail to understand is that one such incidence is setting the foundation stone of a society where life for a female is either within the house or they become a hunting game for such sick people.

The tragedy with us is that we don’t treat women as equal and the problem is not with this generation, a series of incidence have been responsible for the same. I am a woman and I want to move around freely without worrying about, if someone is stalking me or whether I should even step out of my house or not. The condition for some girls has become so worse that they have stopped even thinking freely.

Why have we created the world where, the male can speak for his right but when it comes to women, they are either asked to be silent or their voices are curbed forever.  Its high time that people should understand that a woman is a human being first and not a prey to satiate men’s ill desire in whatever manner they want. And if the men out there do not understand this, the laws should be so stringent that a man should think thousand times before even giving an ill look to a woman, leave apart touching her.

I can just pray that the girl gets over the trauma soon and all the females in this country soon get free from the fear of being stalked, raped, killed, ripped apart. And I want to convey a strong message to men of this country that…. Be a man of dignity and values…don’t be a monster, tearing me down and hogging on me as if I was created to quench your ill-desire is an act of evil. God has given you life as a human….Be Human!

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  1. saroja vasanth

    Adding to the misery, people who would never know the pain, Wil also start telling that the woman should have not left the house at that hour in the night and hence its all her mistake. God only knows if there is going to be any strict rules and harsh punishments ever for such criminals…


      you are absolutely right. Its an irony in our nation that a rape victim is first raped physically and then our society rapes her mentally. Living freely has become a dream for women that appears a distant truth.

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