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Get Crafty With Itsy-Bitsy

The schools got reopened after the Christmas break, the year 2017 started  – indeed a big relief for parents. Isn’t it? Before I could enjoy the “me” time I got, my daughter handed me a huge printed project sheet from school. It was a long list and the deadline was near so, we, the mother-daughter duo buckled our shoes to find all the material for the project.

We were on the mission of finding a store that has all necessary things to make the project and there comes a shop Itsy- Bitsy to our rescue!

Located in Banashankari, near the BDA complex – it is indeed a crafter’s paradise. If you are someone who is crazy for crafts or a parent like me who is forced into crafts, you would love this shop.You can find supplies for creative ideas, DIY crafty works, beads, jewellery and fashion making, books, and stationery, lifestyle, home decor, ideas for projects etc. You name a craft item and you will find it here. As they say in their profile, it’s truly a one stop shop for all hobbies, arts, and crafts. What else a parent like me would ask for, they also conduct various art and craft workshops for all age groups. Supercool!

I was truly impressed with the variety of items the shop offered for crafts. Finally, we shopped A4 sized cardboard sheet for the projects, designer adhesive tapes, stickers and designs, animals stencils to make shapes. Influenced wit the ambiance, I also bought some beads to prepare my own earrings. It was worth spending.

Got to know that Itsy Bitsy store was first started in Bangalore only. But now the stores are seen across the cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Goa, Hubli and many others to come. If you do not have a store close-by and know what exactly you want, it can always be bought online as Itsy Bitsy also have an online store. Visit

I must say that Itsy bitsy is truly a heaven for craft enthusiasts and a real savior for parents like me.

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  1. Shalini Prasad

    Itsy bitsy is my favorite too. Whenever I visit Bangalore I shop for my quilling products from there. They have a wide range of articles. I wish they start a store in Hyderabad as well.

    • saroja vasanth

      I know, we have tried those paper quillings too. Shalini check out the online store and see if they deliver to Hyderabad? Thank u for the comment.

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