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8 ways to impress your boss while in office

Personally, we all want to be in our boss’s desired employee list, as your relationship with your boss plays a significant part in your career. Isn’t it?

Being your boss’s favorite adds in many rewards like job satisfaction, career progression and even plays a key role in salary increment. Here are 8 things that I did to make an impression on my boss :

Always Meet with a Smile

Start your day with the basics, adopt the habit of greeting your boss with a friendly and comforting smile whenever you see him/her, especially for the first time in a day. If you follow this gesture regularly it will convey a clear message to your boss that you see him as a man who earns his respect.

Never Leave Early

Impressing your seniors is not an easy task, it may feel like a catwalk but it isn’t. The situation gets tough and tricky when your boss is a hard to please and always carries a serious look. In such cases, if you wish you to come in his good books then there is one mistake you should never commit, leaving the office before completing your scheduled login hours. Leaving the office early on regular basis conveys your disinterest in work.

Ask Mindful Questions

Asking questions to your seniors is a good act but remember to ask appropriate questions. Don’t ask unnecessary or stupid questions just for the sake of asking, as this will make you look dumb and stupid. Asking constructive questions in a meeting will portray you intelligent and attract your boss’s attention.

Take interest in your Boss’s vision

The best way to come close to your boss is by knowing about his interests/vision, try to find out what he thinks about his work. It is always good to do some homework before you enter the office and plan your agenda for the day that aligns with his vision.

Dress smart

Make an effort to dress neat and formal. Keep make up minimal and hair neat. Facial hair is an absolute no-no for women. Cleanliness and neatness is the key. Wear cool colors as they give an impression of distance.

Be Punctual

In order, to impress your seniors incorporate the habit of being punctual. This not only includes coming to office or for meetings on time but also completing the given task or delivering the project files on time. This will show your dedication and commitment towards your work.

Effective communication

Whether online or verbal, craft your messages well and concisely. Choose your tone and words accordingly.

Try to be an asset

Every organization faces tough situations, this is the best time to show your skills and capabilities. Instead of pointing out the problems and seeking help from your supervisor try to solve the matter first. This will surely get you the needed attention and praise from your seniors.

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