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Having a great marriage isn’t a rocket science. It’s simply a choice!!

Marriage in itself is an institution, that teaches you the best it can, only you need to be learning. Marriage is always a matter of pride, a matter of choice but ironically, people consider a good marriage as a matter of chance. Especially people who are going to get married would be wondering if someone able and eminent could advise them, what to do and what not to in their upcoming married life. Some piece of advice is shared here, that would make your marriage a real positive one.

Communication is the key

For the healthy matrimony relation, the communication that is clear and candid is the key. Each and every feeling should be clearly expressed and ground of understanding should be so strong that either of the partners should not hesitate to express himself at any moment. Do not take it for granted, that latest status update is automatic and your spouse is some “Antar Yami”. Express it, he will know.

Only change is constant

No matter what kind of time (good or bad), you face in life, just face it by staying positive and together. Do remember time is not constant at all. Today may be his/her bad phase, may be a period that is not awesome and everything is moving downhill. Remember ” This shall too pass”. Just be together!!

Affection breeds more of the same

At any point in time, one feels less affection in the marriage relation, one should put in more affection himself in the relation itself. For you get what you give. Complaining always that ” Aap Mujhe Pyaar nai karte..”, expect same from you also. It is known for the fact that more you nurture your relation with affection, the more it produces the same.

Let go is the ‘Achook’ mantra

One has to see that nothing is more valuable than a marriage of yours. So, let things go, how hurtful they seem. Let go small issues, if any. After all, a happy marriage is a union of two great forgivers! Marriage is not something like your wifi connection that if you are not connected for some time, you start searching for other operators with more bandwidth. Stop searching for options! “Yeh nai toh Aur sahi” is the wrong statement.

Say the problems to solve the problems

Walking away from arguments or staying silent over the issues will not work in a relation. Better say things and hear the others point of view on the same. ” Agar main Kuch nai keh rahi, toh tum samajh jao”, Really! Technically it is not possible. Never stop dialogue coz it conveys and resolves.

Be friends who are equal in all aspects

Before partners, you should be friends with each other. You should be ready to give each other equality of thoughts, speech and expression. If you want independence, going out at friends home for gupshup or kitty, wants to go to your cousin’s place for staying with kids or go shopping without disturbance, what if your spouse too, wants to chill out with his friends and go on boys trip, let him. Behave like friends to each other before behaving as life partners.

Give and receive space

It is okay to give the required space to your partner when desired. Space doesn’t mean isolation or ignoring something, but most of the time it means to revive oneself. Give your partner his/her space, why are you wearing this shirt always, why are you texting always why don’t you do this, why do you like that always…Stop! he/she is also human, let him breathe too.

Believe me, marriage is the beautifulest relationship as you can dance, sing, eat, do whatever with your bestest friend who is yours and yours only…..forever. So, enjoy it and cherish it.

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