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Hey, what are you wearing? Is it Gucci or Versace?

Our criteria for which we test one’s civilisation is his/her look, from the dress you are wearing to the accessories you are carrying. Though we have travelled far away from our traditional dresses, yet still we are a slave to some kind of ‘look’ consciousness. Even today the first impression, someone leaves on us, is his/her appearance. We don’t mind getting buried in Gucci, Versace, Tommy, Louis Vuitton, Lavie, Burberry. Ladies notice all the brands even at a condolence( glares, handbag, dress, wedges). More the brands, more the popularity, more the respect. Isn’t it?

Girls are the angels, responsible for the survival of most of the brands. Their huge wardrobes are filled with all brands. In northern India, due to weather change, to maintain costume collection is very difficult. But they are talented enough to manage with few clothes, even in chilly January (poor girls). If they won’t dress up in this age, how will they make their future comfortable? (sorry, I didn’t want to hurt anyone). The dress, that has to wait long or forever for its turn again had reasonably cost about 5,000/-(what a use of money). When I was of this age, whenever my mom had saved  5000/-, she would make a plan to visit a goldsmith.

Boys are boys, simple, having at least three pairs of shades in the dashboard, suitable for each weather. Designer belts, designer shoes, customised undergarments(name embossed with embroidery). To say about clothes, no less than girls. Sandos, hoodies, slim fits, narrow fits, low waist and what not!! My mother used to embroider my father’s name initials on a handkerchief, that was her love and his fashion statement.

All fashion sites are well-visited and one can see a huge increase in delivery boys asking for an address on each corner of the city. Some are delivering on chota hatahis as well.

I remember, we used to get a new dress only on occasions, birthday, Diwali etc. No expense on show off and that’s how we have seen our parents too. No wastage of money just to have ‘Vakhra swag’.

Today, I really wonder how casual the youth is while spending their parent’s hard earned money. No, I am not talking about kids who are dropped to school in Audi and picked up in Merc. I am talking about middle-class kids who just to compete with ‘Audi’ class compel their parents to spend extra unnecessarily. Sometimes, the parents also do it to pamper and show their XL love to their kids.

But is it really necessary?

Is there any check to look into the wastage of money in the name of designers or brands.

Is this race endless, who is the winner?

Are we attracted to brands, or some attraction is left for character or loyalty?

Are our wardrobes flooding with useless apparels?

What we see in a person we meet for the first time?

Looks matter a lot, but give more value to the frame of mind. Don’t go broke trying to look COOL.

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