How do you celebrate your child’s birthday? 8

There are times when many of us want to do something for the society. There are many of us who put a smile on the face of underprivileged children in our own way. And we all feel content to see that smile even if it’s for a short while.

I also belong to that genre of people whose heart cry to see these children who sleep empty stomach many times, who wears torn clothes and no footwear; still surviving in all the harsh weather.  I do try to bring a smile to their face whenever I can. Sometimes by buying the balloons from them or sometimes feeding them their choice of food.

Once a random thought of celebrating my daughter’s birthday in an orphanage crossed my mind. I was happy to think the number of faces who will smile with us when we will celebrate her birthday.

Finally, the day came, we have ordered a big cake, all eateries were nicely packed, gifts to distribute were bought in advance and we left for the nearby orphanage to celebrate her birthday.

We were all happy. The mother in me was happy too as I thought I am inculcating good values in my daughter.

Soon we reached there. As we entered, I saw many faces lit up and they all welcomed us shyly with a smile.

When the cake was put on the table all their eyes were glued to the cake which was fancy enough to attract them. I saw the cheek-to-cheek smile on many faces as they sang the birthday song for my daughter.

Soon the food was distributed, toys were given to each of them by my daughter and they all looked happy. Even my happiness knew no bounds to see them all happy.

When it was time for us to leave, a tiny hand held my finger. I looked down and sat beside him as I could guess he wanted to say something.

The little boy whispered into my ears,” Didi, will you come with the same big cake and so many things to eat and a toy on my birthday too?” His question left me speechless. He again said,” But I don’t know when is my birthday. Can you please tell how to find it out?” Tears started rolling down my cheeks. I composed myself and gathered the courage to stand up. I left without saying anything to him because I didn’t know the answer.

All that happiness took a back seat and I wondered whether I did a right thing or not? I hope I have not harmed their emotions. I never thought what impact the birthday celebration will have on their mind. I hoped I have not made them feel more unfortunate. Anyways I wanted to rectify it. I went there the next week with two cakes this time and asked each one of them to cut it.

Though it still didn’t make me feel good but I learned one important lesson that day. It’s good to bring a smile to these children but it is more important to not make them feel that they are unfortunate. I still celebrate my daughter’s birthday there but I never say that it’s her birthday. I simply take a big cake and ask each one of them to cut it.  We all sing the birthday song for each other. This makes them feel happy and to see them happy I feel the same way.

So if you too are planning to celebrate your child’s birthday in an orphanage, its a humble request to you to do it the same way. This way we don’t leave any child wondering about his family, loved ones and his birthday.


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Why is ‘Adoption’ unapproved by society for an unmarried single parent? 1373

I was preparing for sleep last night when my friend Asmi called me up. She was sounding flustered. More than flustered, there was a rage in her voice. It happens rarely that Asmi cries. She is 30, strong, self-reliant and a career-oriented woman. She didn’t marry because she chose not to marry. There is no catastrophic heartbreak story behind. Her focus has always been on her career. She is practical and staunched.

I understood her heart is really heavy else there has never been any place for tears in her eyes.

I quizzed her the reason.

“I am not crying because am sad, I am crying because am helpless and exasperated.” Asmi retorted.

I didn’t interrupt and allowed her to put her heart out.

“Preeti, I called my mother last night and had an argument with her.” she continued.

“I told my mother that I want to adopt a baby. Before I could say anything further she started yelling at me. She scolded me saying, Asmi already because of your decision of not getting married we are in pain. Why are you adding troubles to our lives? If you really want to adopt a baby just forget us. We have to live in this society and will have to answer people around. You have always done whatever you want but this time you are crossing your limits.

If not today, maybe tomorrow you will get married. Who will marry a girl with one child? Such things appear good in movies only. You better start focusing on marriage now. Preeti, My mother wasn’t even ready to listen to my thoughts”. Asmi started sobbing.

I really had no words to console her. Her thoughts were irreproachable and valiant.

But we cannot even disregard the fact that we live in a hypocrite society. When celebrities like Sushmita, Angelina, Sunny and more adopt a baby, we eulogize, lionize, praise their thoughts and we consider it as an act of kindness. We appreciate their humanity. We deduce that they gave a new life to someone. But when anyone from our own house even thinks of adoption we make them go through ignominy by coming up with the questions like is there any medical issue? Are you not straight? Why don’t you marry and then plan your own baby? Why are you trying to shame your parents? Why don’t you understand this baby won’t be your own blood? Are you kidding? Etc.

I’ve read somewhere that parenthood requires love and not DNA. I wish we really understand that. Your genes won’t define your family, our family is built with love care and respect. There are many people who do have a heart for adoption but fear comes in between. Fear of society.

I wish people understand that adopting a baby whether you are single or married isn’t a crime.

Adoption will not only give a baby a family but will also give us a special feeling. A feeling of being human. Probably the purpose we all are here for, giving life a life.


Movie Review: SIMRAN 2777

Queen, Tanu Weds Manu, Tanu Weds Manu Returns and now Simran, Kangna is on a rout, she has proven time and again that she is one of the best actresses available today. She has made a mark for herself in the film industry synonymous to that made by Sridevi, that, of doing movies which are female-centric, of movies which revolve around themselves (Judaai, Chaalbaz, Lamhe, Laadla to name a few). The only difference though being, all the movies had an extremely strong supporting cast. Kangna has to be given accolades to run a movie entirely on her very own shoulders, and this is not the first time either, we bow to you Kangna, you deserve the Best Actress Award for this one.

Kangna who plays Praful Patel is a gujju girl staying in Atlanta who likes herself be called as Prafff. Praf has a typical Gujarati accent and all my Gujju friends are going to love the Gujarati dialogues the movie carries, I know Gujarati and so I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Kangna is introduced from a housekeeping scene mopping and wiping floors and tables, there is just so much genuineness in that scene, it’s great to watch her there. When she goes to Vegas, her sleazy lines such as “are you tired, because you were running in my mind” are some great moments that bring about here innocence and wickedness both out at the same time.

In the red dress in Vegas, she looks gorgeous, she dazzles and ravishes like a diva and is super cute when she puts on her very native gujju accent “Halo, I aem Praeffff…” she just steals your attention away throughout the movie. A song in the movie titled “Lagdi Hai Thaai” sung by Guru Randhawa aptly describes what Simran is in the movie.

The best thing about this movie is that it has a good storyline and director Hansal Mehta pulls it off amazingly with Kangna. The first hour of the movie just zips its way through with Kangna showcasing her bubbly self, her expressions at an expensive store, her bargaining at the street shop and then her equivalence of the pink champagne and fries at the bartender, there are too many funny and hilarious moments. It’s the second half that becomes a tad serious but since the movie is almost 2 hrs, it doesn’t feel to be stretched at any point of time.

There are some points where you wonder if it is really possible to learn a bank robbery from YouTube and execute a heist, but those go in the movie stride and you really don’t mind these.

The movie touches important points related to the American Dream that much of our Indian Community has and exposes that it might not be true for everyone, it may turn out to be just a Dream for some. The nagging father of Kangna performs well and Sohum Shah is where I think a popular Bollywood actor would have benefited more, but Sohum looks original, he is simple and he looked like a studios guy from a small town in Gujarat, he does justice to his role.

But it’s Kangna and Kangna and Kangna stealing away the show, she is setting new benchmarks which are extremely difficult to surpass when it comes to ACTING. She is fantabulous and the heart of this movie.

She carries it on her shoulders all alone and she delivers a power-packed punch.

Music is good and hummable.

There is actually no one else to talk about in the movie, the movie has absolutely no supporting cast, but trust me, it wasn’t needed as well. The movie is about Simran, and it talks about Simran, hats off to Kangna, this one’s a Kohinoor in the QUEEN’S CROWN. 🙂

All in all, it’s an extremely light and a different movie with awesome Acting by Kangna. Watch it for Kangna.

Rating: 3.5/5.0

(0.5 points extra only and only for Kangna)