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How to make your Man perfect- In your Relationship

Whenever I am in a women-only gathering, most of the fellow women have a similar cribbing point, that their soulmate or boyfriends are not…… perfect. They don’t do this; they don’t do that; they are not like this; they are not like that…just endless complaints!! So just thought of sharing few tried and tested do’s to have the loveliest relationship ever:

1. Accept your Man in present

Yes, it is accepting your Man, as he is right now. No matter, what he was earlier, good or bad, how he is now- matters most. There is no place for criticism for his habits. Even if the habits are old and irritating, they will go with time, so just don’t become his unwanted critic all the time and chill. After all, even we are also not perfect! Are we?

2. Find his positives:

Try and focus on what he is doing for you, rather finding what he is not doing. Like he may not be calling whole day, when in office but once home, he would not forget to handle kids at bedtime with his stories; he may not bring you flowers often but definitely makes sure he does breakfast and dinner made by you with you.

3. Express yourself:

Be expressive in telling him that what he means to you. Share your secrets and confessions with him as you would do with your best friend. Though it may sound crazy, but it does work! When your MAN knows, how much you love him and trust him and even fall for him, he will definitely love to stay around you in each situation.

4. Pamper him

Try to pamper him in the way his parents would do. Hug him often, try to pat him on the head, kiss his forehead or take your fingers in his hair. Men, may not express it, but they love to be pampered and loved and believe me, if you do it, he will be emotionally dependent on you forever.

5. Ignore his bad mood swings:

Getting angry to a limit is normal human instinct. You have to be very tricky when he is angry or in not so good mood. Give him space instantly. Don’t try to give a lecture on some expected idealistic behaviour. They will cool down after some time and will definitely come to you to find solutions and then you can help.

6. Be girlish sometimes

Your man loves you to be sexy and girlish some time so be one for him. This really helps to keep your relationship spicy and young. 😉

After all, we all know the weak points of our man always and also know how to make the best use of it…. Don’t we?Hahaha.. wink wink.

Hahaha.. wink wink.


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