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How to Raise a Grateful Child in today’s Materialistic World???

In this materialistic world, it’s hard to teach children to be grateful, by buying the latest gadgets for your child you won’t be able to raise a better person, instead of by teaching them to be thankful and grateful for whatever things they have, will. There are many studies that prove, kids with a higher level of gratitude did well in studies, don’t suffer from depression and had a positive outlook towards life. Here are a few tips which will help you to make your child grateful:

  1. Skip Luxury for a Week

All parents wish to fulfil their kids need and desires, from packing their favorite lunch in tiffin to buying latest gadgets and to forget branded clothes and shoes, when kids get things easily they don’t value them and feel grateful. Thus, try going without luxury for a week, for example, try avoiding eating out, going without TV and Air conditioner for a week, this will make your child realize the value of things they have and be grateful.

  1. Thank Aloud

If you wish your kids to be grateful for what they have, then you should show them that you’re thankful for everything. A simple way of doing this is by thinking aloud. When out with kids thank everyone, you interact with, from the grocery man to your building’s watchman, show genuine gratitude towards the waiter who serves you at a restaurant, by this your child will learn that a small act of kindness can make someone happy.

  1. Ask the “What if’s?”

This is a powerful strategy to instil gratitude in your kid’s way of living, when you are out with your kid, at a restaurant or playing in a park. Ask your child the tough questions like, what if you don’t have a place to live? What if you couldn’t go to School? in this process make sure not to get too preachy. This question will make your child thankful for the good life they have.

  1. Be a Role-model

If you wish to raise a grateful kid, then try to help others in front of them. When you see an old man or women crossing try helping them to cross or help a pregnant woman by carrying her shopping bags. And teach your kid that they should always try to help others.

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