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How to stay fit during Ramadan.

The Ramadan, holy month for Muslims, has just started. This month in Islamic calendar has special significance as Prophet Muhammad is said to have revealed their holy book, Quran, to Muslims.People fast during sunlight hours so they eat only after the sunset and before sunrise.With long fasting hours, it gets difficult to maintain a healthy regime.

But if these simple tips are followed staying fit will not be that difficult.

• Eat Right- The day long fast that too without water can drain out energy completely. To restore the energy the meals to end the fast should traditionally include Dates. Dates are known as energy rich foods. Meals should also includes lentils, vegetables and whole grains. Fruits like apricot, fig and prunes should be taken. Fibre rich food will help in restoring energy as it digests slowly and releases the energy throughout the day.

• Proper Rest-Make all the possible efforts to sleep/rest during the day. Getting rest at night during Ramadan is difficult as one has to wake up before the break of dawn to eat before the sunlight. So getting rest during the day will keep you refreshed and will help you keeping thirst and dehydration under control.

• Stay Hydrated- Make sure to drink 6-8 glass of water from sunset to sunrise. Take a measured bottle to keep track of your intake of water. Include soups, fresh fruit juices and milk to supplement the water intake and all the caffeinated drinks such as coffee, tea and cola should be avoided by all means as they lead to fluid loss.

• Light Exercise- Fasting should not be the reason for you to stay away from the exercise. Stay away from gruelling gymming hours and tough workouts instead to keep yourself cool and active go for light exercises like walk and yoga. It will help you de-stress without making you tired and thirsty.

Happy Fasting!!

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  1. How to go easy on the Iftar meal, it seems to be a feast… !!

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