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Hunting for young, dashing, rich guy with Big SUV !

A tall, young, dashing, smart, well dressed stepped out of his brand new white ford SUV. The fragrance from his smart diesel shirt was rich enough to tickle the nostrils of the young girls standing outside the class in the corridor in the off time in between lectures of our management college. Two smart butterflies were quick enough to bang in him and try asking his class and year on the first day. But away from them,  I was sitting quietly inside class with my not so happening classmate, who asked me one serious question that day.

Sitting the second year of my bachelor’s degree class of our co-educational college, my friend asked me, ” Why do not you join the girly gang of our class and try your luck on these rich boys of our college, there are so many around and you are beautiful enough to catch them. Though you know some of them are already prospecting and sending proposals. After all, you might also want to die as a rich married woman?”

I thought for a while and then answered her that ” It’s not that I do not like these guys, it is not that I am against hooking up or love marriages. The only difference is that my man will be definitely young, tall, dashing, smart, well dressed but not surely has to be rich or be having a flamboyant aura of materialist things around him or be a child of some rich father. Rather, I am looking for someone who has his own spine, is hardworking, is a self-made man and above all is in love with me and only me madly.”

“You ought to be dreaming, this is not a  Bollywood movie, grow up and think practically”, she said. But since that day till today when I am the mother of a six-year-old daughter, I wonder, why our society does not think like me.

But since that day till today when I am the mother of a six-year-old daughter, I wonder, why our society does not think like me.

My parents have always told me and taught me, not to judge anybody with their materialistic things but judge someone with the character and personality they own.  Also, they have pressured me to be an all-rounder, who do not have to depend on anyone for anything. I personally always want to be well educated and earning enough to support myself ever, without being dependent on my husband’s money. and I was strong on this point. So never ever thought to have a catch of a rich boy for marriage, rather I wanted to marry just a loving and caring guy. Love comes first for me forever.

Now, this is what I want everybody with daughters to think. Just stop finding rich boys for your daughters, rather make them well-educated, independent, smart and someone boys will look forward to marrying! Till what time we ourself will think that our girls are always going to be nothing in front of boys and they definitely need some rich and successful boy to depend on for life.

Just think once. Your heart will give you the right answer.

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