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    I am a housewife, Yes I am

    Tried to express myself through poetry second time ;) It's dedicated to all fellow domestic goddesses who have sacrificed their careers, their lifestyle, their likes/dislikes for managing household affairs and working hard to keep family at peace. Here it goes supermoms......

    I am a housewife, yes I am,

    You think it’s easy to be one,

    I invite you to step in my shoe

    And see the world where I am glued;

    My days and nights are no different,

    You get leave to be happy and glee

    But why does it become wrong when I take a leave?

    You say that I stay in the house and have all the time on this earth

    But did it ever bother you, if all is was just a whim and not true? Let me welcome you to my world,

    I wake up before you so that I can do the chores

    And get everything set to rock and roll;

    You go out and see the world

    But to me, my family is my world,

    I sleep after you sleep

    This is just to bring house at peace.

    So what if I don’t earn?

    I am the one because of whom you can easily move out and earn.

    I don’t demand acclamations and certifications,

    But just a word of appreciation.

    I am a housewife Yes I am,

    My family is life and that’s who I am.

    I am not asking for bunches of rose and house of gold

    But your gesture of love and a bit of console.

    I haven’t been trained to do this job,

    So I may commit mistake and things may go wrong.

    Understand my plight and my sight

    Coz family is the one that can make everything go right.

    I am a housewife Yes I am

    This is my life and this is who I am.



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    I am a housewife, Yes I am