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I am a woman and I don’t cook.

In the changing times, where career and education is no longer the forte of a man, cooking still remains the woman’s pièce de résistance.  A man enters the kitchen only if he “inclines to” or if he is working as a chef.

In the present century, a woman pursues her masters, excels in her career, is financially stable and is self-dependent but she still has to encounter the harsh reality of the ancient times when she reaches the age of marriage.

“Cooking” this small word suddenly becomes predominant when a girl is getting married, Aditi didn’t realize this till she faced this grasping reality.

She is an independent woman, staying away from family, working and unswerving. Finally, when she is looking forward for marriage, she realized that no matter how beautiful, educated, self-dependent, friendly and adjusting a girl is, she will lose her marks if she is not a good cook.

Last week she spurned 3 matches, her parents are angry because they feel she was too immature and quick in taking a decision.

The 1st man she met was a banker by profession, tall and handsome. He was seeking a working wife. This quality of his win over her and she agreed to meet him. This was for the first time ever she was facing this “awkward moment” where she didn’t know how to take the conversation forward but she was friendly enough to handle it. While having a conversation with him, she candidly told him that cooking doesn’t interest her and without even letting her complete the statement he said “You can always learn, I don’t prefer to keep a cook for my kitchen, I can’t adjust on this one. My mother is a teacher, she also works like you do and she is a great cook as well. So you can always learn. Every girl cook after marriage, I am sure you will learn cooking soon”. He grinned. She smiled, nodded and messaged her dad “rejected”

The 2nd man was a businessman who had no issues with a working girl as long as she cooks breakfast and lunch before she leaves and prepares dinner after she comes back. She politely asked him “Do you know how to cook?” He laughed “Why should I know? That’s not my job” She discounted saying “That’s not my job either”. There was an awkward silence in the room after her statement, however, we all can guess the result of their meeting.

The 3rd man was an interesting character. He was working in an MNC as a Software Engineer and was staying away from family just like her. Here the conversation was going pretty well even the parents seem to be happy with this match. This time her mother warned her not to talk about cooking at all.

But she knew if she will not take a stand for herself she might end up landing with a wrong decision. So she asked him “Who cooks food for you?”

“Of course maid. I don’t know how to cook.” He responded with a smile.

“Same here,” she forthright told him.

“Why??” he asked her with a perturbed look.

“Because cooking never allured me and moreover with job, it’s difficult to manage, I get no time for cooking”

“Then what about after marriage?” He questioned.

“You have a maid right?” She quizzed.

“No yaar, I cannot eat maid-cooked food all my life”

“Okay then lets both of us learn cooking. One day you cook and one day I’ll cook”, she winkled and he disappeared.

And that’s the sad truth that every man wants to eat the home cooked meal but no one wants to cook or even help. Even parents of a girl start feeling at one point of time that she might lose good matches because she cannot cook. “No interest in cooking” is seen as if the girl has some disability.

Cooking shouldn’t be the criteria for judging how good a woman will be as a wife.

For a healthy relationship, both the partners should help each other in household work. No work should be labeled as “His work” or “Her work”.  A romantic date after marriage need not be a candlelight dinner.  It can be romancing each other while cooking together.  It should not always be a wife’s duty to keep his hubby happy when it comes to food rather it should be both ways.

If all the men on earth will understand this simple truth then every kitchen will see a happy couple, every dinner table will spread joy and every wife will fall in love with her husband even more. What say??

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  1. Neelam Jain

    Amazing piece of writing…Exactly what I felt you wrote it…In fact not only me many of us….knocked down….

  2. Anshu Ghodawat

    Very well written…. hopefully this helps in changing some thoughts of some people 😉

  3. Jatin Uttam

    Very well written…

  4. Shweta

    You just took me thru a fantasy land in the last two para <3

  5. Nidhi Sharma

    Well written. Keep it up.

  6. Bhargav sidda

    Nice one again!!

  7. Medha Chanana

    Vr well written 🙂

  8. Honey Chanana

    How true!!

  9. Nikheil

    How true.. Why does a woman even needs a man.. dont you think women should marry women only.. every one talks about bloody equality.. ask god why have they made woman physically the way they are.. had that been a debate for equal respect.. i would have appreciated… that means god is a culprit.. right.. because according to present scenario why should only female bring a life to existence.. its an equal world right…
    Most of the women or their family are more interested in knowing financial aspect of the boy before marriage. or may it be own car, own house… but a boy never asks a lady how much do you earn… dont you think that should not be a criteria either…

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