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Hey it’s my birthday today and I Have a Birthday Wish Too!!


Folks, today is my birthday and I turned 2! Go ahead and give me a big shout out!

Happy birthday Bruno! Woof! Woof!!

Wondering who am I??

Those of you, who have read Gallinukkad from the beginning, we have already met a couple of times but let me introduce myself to the new readers. I am Bruno. A cute and little Pug dog. I came to live with my parents(human) and a sister(human) when my sister desperately wanted a companion to live together. My parents decided to get her a dog and here I am today.

Mom says am a big boy now. I know! I do look small right? Anyways trust me, being a grown-up comes with a lot of responsibilities. Just like am not suppose to pee wherever I like which I did when I was a small puppy “talk about freedom when you are young” (oops! Sometimes, I still get confused about which is my bathroom. Not my mistake though, because my house has four bathrooms) Anyways, that is least of the problems. Let’s talk about the bigger things.

Some of you are cat loving people and some you are dog lovers and some hate both cats and dogs, which I wonder why? My parents never had a dog for a pet before they had me but they still brought me because they wanted to keep my sister happy. But little did they know, that God sends a dog to those who never knew they need us more than we need them. God sends a dog to every human who is in need of love because we are blessed aplenty to give. Whether you like it or not, we are ready with sloppy kisses and loads of hugs.

Even my granddad was against of having a dog at home, but what can I say, I know my way. All I did is spread calmness and love. Now! He actually, lets me sleep next to him while he relaxes with a newspaper on the sofa on his regular mornings. You should try this technique some time. Some people are too egoistic and do not want to take a step, though they love you. Such times do not stay away. What you have to do is shower them with so much love that they melt. Love is the only thing that can break any kind of hate.

I heard mom and dad talking one day that many want to kill and destroy all street dogs because they are harmful. I felt very sad for them. Dogs like me who live in houses with a loving family do have everything but those some who do not have a proper shelter under their head nor food in their belly are so helpless. I know that many of them bite every passerby even if the person causes no harm. But, these are scared dogs who have been through a lot of pain in life.

What do you do, when you are surrounded by bad people since the time you are born and literally grew up on streets and are very poor, aren’t you are scared when a stranger approaches you? These dogs are also scared in the same way and all they need is careful handling and belief that there are humans who actually love them too.

Though I live in a loving house, I was also scared of anyone who came visiting. I barked and jumped at them in fear. You, humans, look so big and scary to me. But eventually, I learned that I will not be harmed and I am safe. Because my family helped me to learn that and of course my BFF Angel who is a Golden Retriever and the calmest dog I have ever met, helped me too. In fact, her entire family loves me so much, that I realized there are good people around. So, it’s my request, please do not harm the street dogs or any other animal for that matter, because they are innocent and do not know what they are doing. They are only defending themselves. If you see any animal in pain, call your nearest shelter. Help them to find a home.

I have trust in you because you are gifted with a brain that can understand more better than us. It’s just, though we are not as fast learners as you, we are pretty good in catching up with your ways if only, you teach us. All we ask is a little of your time and your love.

Also, thank you for granting my birthday wish. Now! I am getting back to my cake which looks so yummy!



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