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I never knew I am so talented- Untill I became “mother”

15 years back, when I was in my teenage, one morning I was late getting off my bed. Around 9:30, I heard my mother, who was standing my pillow, saying in louder than normal voice, “Nothing can beat this girl’s laziness, you cannot do anything in life. Look people around you, they are already up and ready for the day and you are useless”.  No, it not the first time I was hearing about my qualities from my mother, it was every now and then, that I was made realised by her, that how pathetically lazy and hopeless I am.

With time I grew up, after school, I did graduation and then proceeded for post graduation. I started working around my post graduation and after two years I got married. I was always a confident girl with a positive approach in life but in the back of my mind, I wondered if I would be capable enough to stream in my life smoothly or not.

But I discovered a whole new me, in the second year of my marriage, when I became “Mom”. I always used to hear that from my elders that motherhood changes everything but I would say, it lets you discover your capabilities. The girl like me who was full of mood swings towards house chores, always willing to eat street food for their spicy and tangy flavours and choosy enough to buy a pair of shoes after visiting five showrooms was almost choice less mother.

My choices were guided by my little angel, when to sleep (when she sleeps obviously), what to eat (so that her health is fine, no spicy and tangy food), what to wear (so that baby is comfortable), what handbag to carry ( so that baby’s nappies and feeder can always adjust) and what not. I discovered myself to be innovative because I could now change nappies of a baby in moving a car, sleep in any position and feed in a very comfortable way (at baby’s will).

I discovered that I was not at all lazy, but during two hours of my baby’s sleep, I would boil her feeders, wash her nappies, take a bath, look clean, assemble back her toys in a basket and even took a power nap. I discovered that I was a good translator since her birth I could understand her unspoken language. And I did discover that I am a good runner, handling my toddler who ran to play in my home on stairs, beneath the bed in the kitchen cupboard and washing clothes basket.

Here I must mention that this discovery of myself was the most flavoured one. Hope you all find yourself soon!

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