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I Write Notes to my Wife. What about you??

Like any married couple with young kids, I and Shweta live a busy lifestyle. I am running my own business, and my wife Shweta works in an MNC. I was attending a workshop for entrepreneurs that day where the speaker was talked about how to improve business relationships with the long gone clients. He mentioned a very important point to write a message or send the casual notes to your past clients to reignite their interest in your product or service.

Sitting there I was thinking of my relationship with Shweta and how the intimacy had dropped over the years and of implementing the idea at home first. 😉

I began writing notes and leaving them for my wife, one a day, in the bathroom, in the kitchen….on the mirror….etc. Nothing major but just a short thought or two about the day, a note of appreciation, a word of encouragement, or an expression of love. Sometimes the notes were whimsical, sometimes poetic; some were simple and direct. When needed, some offered apologies. (wink wink)

Well, you can not imagine how this small but regular gesture changed and invigorated my marriage.

Shweta grew to cherish those daily notes, and if I ever missed a day, she would be sure to ask, “Where’s my note?” Since then, she has begun to return the favor, and it’s a discipline and really a joy that continues today.

One evening in the bed, Shweta told me that what matters most isn’t so much the length of the note, the quality of the writing, or the complexity of the ideas. It’s a daily demonstration that, “Hey, you’re special to me, and I’m thinking about you today.” It’s simply a point of loving connection in the midst of our busy lives.

No argument, communication is the lifeblood of a marriage.

Can’t you imagine how this would help solidify a marriage? If a couple is fighting and both spouses have a commitment to write something positive to the other every day, that’s bound to bring them a little closer together.

Trust me, simple written words can revive a relationship.

It worked for me so it was worthwhile sharing it with you all. I hope it works for you too!

Happy Notes to you!

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