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Identify your personal style & unleash the powerful woman in YOU!

My favorite thing about personal style is that it lets you communicate so much about who you are as a person without even saying a word. It took me a while to identify my personal style, so today I want to share with you the secrets of finding your personal style! Fashion and style are two of the things that make me feel alive. Whether you’re someone who loves fashion or someone who has no idea about fashion, I hope my tips will help you to figure out your personal style!

Identify what makes you feel the best.

When you get dressed each day, really pay close attention to which color, cuts or patterns make you feel like the best version of yourself. I feel the best when I wear black and royal blue. And who doesn’t want to feel like the best version of themselves every day?!

Who do you want to be that day?

Each day you’ve got an opportunity to choose who you wish to be. It’s not about what you’re wearing; it’s about how you feel when you’re wearing it. With the right outfit, you’ll feel ready to fight the world. When you’re comfortable in your own skin, you are unstoppable!

Know what works best on your body.

It becomes much easier to find personal style once you know what works best on your figure and how you like your body to look. For example: I like to accentuate my legs because I’m a short girl. Find what works for you and stick to it.

Have go-to outfits.

Have some staple looks in your closet that you know you feel great in. For me, it’s a maxi dress and a few more casual outfits. I know I feel great in these, so I can throw them on in a rush.

Stop worrying about other people’s opinions.

Don’t change your style to fit in to match what other people like. It’s easier to find your personal style when you only care about to what YOU like. Wear what makes you feel the best!

I really hope this tips will help you in finding your personal style. Let me know if you have any other tips in the comments down below.


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