No longer are tattoos a taboo in our Indian society. Nothing can be a better reflection of you than a piece of art inked on your body for eternity. Being a tattoo enthusiast myself, I know the excitement of flaunting a new tattoo.

Now you might be a beginner in this world of art or a pro at getting inked, but everybody needs help in selecting a design that they won’t regret later. So, go through our list of the top tattoo trends and find your perfect match.

Abstract Tattoos

Abstract art is the in-thing currently ‘coz not everything in life has meaning. This one pays tribute to the fact that meaningless pieces also have their own charm. However, don’t forget to find an artist who excels in fusion artwork.

Mandala Tattoos

These designs are on every aspirant’s wish-list! The art work, which primarily consists of dots, is an ode to the spiritual connection of a human being. Though this one needs precision, it looks fabulous when perfected.

Watercolour Tattoos

When life turns too black-and-white, go for a dash of colour in your tattoo design. What makes watercolour a bestseller is that it can be subtly incorporated with the design that you already have in mind. Win-win?

Mythological Tattoos

While earlier the idea of getting Indian Gods and Goddesses inked was looked down upon, nowadays enchanting portraits of Lord Shiva, Goddess Kali, and Goddess Durga have become favourites. Powerful and captivating!

3D Tattoos

3D designs add the realistic appeal to a tattoo. Though the effect can be added to almost any existing design, some 3D pieces just take the show away. However, not all artists are skilled in this so ensure you’re at the right studio.

Booking your next appointment already, eh?