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Is My Child Being Talkative a Wrong Thing?

I have always believed in teaching my daughter to speak freely and not to keep anything in mind or hide matters. For good or worse, she developed this into a habit of telling me everything and she never has secrets or lies to anyone. I know every single thing that happens in school or anywhere else. She readily accepts when she is wrong. While all that is good, it also made her being the most talkative at school, which she reasons as “there is so much to tell”. Likewise, her head is full of stories and ideas and always she is ready to speak her opinion.

The problem was, she was too young to understand as when to speak and when not to. Every parent-teacher interaction(PTM) in the school went something like this – “ Your daughter is really a bright girl and very active. She is excellent in her studies and all other extra-curricular activities. However, she is a bit over talkative in the class. She is always busy talking to someone. But, if I ask her a question, she gives right answers. Maybe, you can tell her a word at home?” Though there were the good things, it was embarrassing to hear the same as “talkative”.

This year PTM, I prepared myself to hear the aforementioned. I met the class teacher Mrs.Shalini and before she could say anything, I said: “ I know, she is very talkative”. The teacher was surprised and asked, “Isn’t that’s a good thing”? You should have seen the shock on my face because that was something new I heard from any teacher. She said “There are so many parents who come to me and tell me that their children never speak a word and that worries them and they cannot understand what is going on in their child’s mind. Talking freely and encouraging children to speak and share their thoughts is really good to them and as a class teacher I always encourage my students to be free in class, though I know how to carefully drag a line on the limits.” The teacher’s encouragement made my daughter build her confidence and be more positive in all her approach in the school activities.

Shalini says “ A brilliant child is locked inside every student and it is the duty of every teacher to find the key. It is very important to make the child feel important”.

Her request to her students is “ Enter your classroom with a smile and a spring in your step”.

Listen to them – says a wonderful teacher.

A good teacher always knows how to turn every child’s weakness into their strength and make them fly with success. Teaching is one hard profession because it requires a plenty of patience and knack for dealing with children. Every child is different and it is in the teacher’s hands, how they mold them. My thanks to Mrs. Shalini and all other wonderfully inspiring teachers for your patience and for your endurance, because it is you who teach our children all the things to be successful in life.

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