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Is Your Child Reading the Right Kind of News?

Sometimes, I feel like I was born with a book probably because as long as I can remember I have always loved to read. Comics, picture books, biographies, novels etc. I enjoyed all genre, in other words, I simply loved to read. Now, it looks like I have dutifully passed on the genes to my daughter, because I see her with a book most of the time (of course except the school books, which I need to force her to read) But, like me she also loves to read and write her own stories and poems. I am a writer as well and I always tried all possible ways to learn the English language to master better vocabulary. The best way was simply read the newspaper.

So, one Sunday I thought why not make my daughter also cultivate the same habit of improving her vocabulary by reading a newspaper. I told her to get the newspaper and to find what she can read. Alright! With a huge face, she brought it to me and began on the first page. She read a headline of a scam or some terrorist attack, suicidal bomb or something like that. I decided not suitable for her and told her to turn it to the second page and find something else. In the second page, she read a line as a woman was harassed, a man tried to rob and so on. I told her to turn that page too and go to third. It went on like this for a while as we tried to find an appropriate topic which she could read. Finally we came to the last page where she read a line that said “hotness of Hrithik Roshan” By then I came to a conclusion that if my daughter reads a newspaper she may or may not learn good vocabulary but definitely she will learn all crime and unwanted words which she will not understand in her age.

We decided that let her stick to her Geronimo Stilton and Enid Blyton and other books. However, I was not satisfied. So, I let my Google antenna do its work. Viola! What I found is this wonderful Children News Paper specifically designed for children.

RobinAge is a weekly award-winning newspaper for children aged between 4 to 15 years. This news edition covers news on current affairs, science, history, sports, careers, culture and environment etc. What is more is, it also has activities, puzzles, and interactive projects.

There are various contests as well in which children can participate and win prizes. The RobinAge team encourage young writers and publish children handiwork. Isn’t that’s a wonderful news for a parent to know your child is reading some safe news and for a child who can enjoy what they read?

So, here we go! Visit and gift your child subscribing the news edition depending on the duration of your choice. Encourage your child talents to enter into Bright Sparks contest. Isn’t that a wonderful news? You can thank me later when your sweetheart loves reading and spends some quality time in learning new things.

Happy Reading!!!

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