People are really getting busy these days, with a plethora of tasks and deadlines hovering you day in and day out, there is less of time to spend on ourselves. They say that exercise keeps you healthy but most of us who have become corporate slave have no time to devote to maintain a good health quotient.  While mind-boggling on this issue I came across these 5 exercises that could be easily done while you are working at your desk and these will help in keeping you healthy.

Well, these have helped me a lot and believe me, you don’t need any special tool or machine to do these exercise, you and your desk are sufficient for them.

Let’s begin:

1. Become the stair master – If your office is located on the second, floor or fifth floor or above that, try using the stairs rather than switching to elevators, obviously step up only as much as you can, I am not asking you to climb stairs till the 20th floor.

2. Desk pushups- these are the best, just take a break from your work and try doing at least 10 pushups at your desk. This will relax your arms muscles.

3. Take a stroll- Who said that you should stick to your desk, take a break from
your work and walk around.

4. Stretches- This is the simplest one, just push back your chair to relax your body, raise your arm and do the stretches while you are sitting.

5. Chair squats – looking for a flatter tummy, try this one, raise from your chair with your arm extended and sit back again on the chair, try repeating it a few times.

These exercises are easy and won’t consume much of your time. So try them out from today and don’t forget to thank me! 😉